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What is air pressure?

Air pressure can be explained as the amount of force applied perunit of area applied to a surface in which case air pressure isusually in some sort of contained environment at ( Full Answer )
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Why does air have pressure?

Answer . Assuming you're talking about atmospheric pressure, it is caused by the earth's gravity and varies from place to place due to the forces of different forms of weat ( Full Answer )
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What is air pressure or atmospheric pressure?

air pressure is mainly of two types high pressure and low pressuring speed of air increase over a surface , a low pressure is created. . which was discovered by Daniel Ber ( Full Answer )
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Does air have pressure?

Yes, air has pressure. The Bernoulli's principle answers this question, of fast and slow moving air. The slower air has a higher pressure than the faster air. It's kind of lik ( Full Answer )
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What is a air pressure?

The pressure(force per unit area) exerted by the weight of air on anything. If you carry a school bag you feel pressure on your shoulders. The air above you in atmosphere also ( Full Answer )
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How does air have pressure?

It really depends im what context you mean. Atmosphere: pressure in the air around us is caused by gravity constantly trying to pull the air downward, and weather condition ( Full Answer )
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Is atmospheric pressure the same as air pressure?

Yes, air pressure can be another way of saying atmosphericpressure. However, air pressure can be used to mean the pressure insidesealed containers or systems.
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How does air pressure affect air movement?

Air pressure affects air movement because air moves from highpressure to low pressure. The air pressure pushes or will press theair around.
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Thermometer is to air pressure as what is to air pressure?

You asked the question wrong. The analogy was : Thermometer is to Temperature as Barometer is to Air Pressure. A meteorologist uses his Barometer to measure pressure in mi ( Full Answer )
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How is air pressure and air density similar?

they don't typically have anything to do with each other. but the hotter the air temperature the more the molecules in the air move causing it to press harder on the surfaces ( Full Answer )
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Air pressure is highest when the air is?

Cool and dry. I do not completely agree with the answer above. When air has more moisture in it, it is heavier. When it is colder it is denser and heavier. Air planes have mo ( Full Answer )
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Air pressure vs water pressure?

Air pressure and water pressure are both considered fluids. Air iscompressible and determined by containment; water is determined bythe depth.
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What in air causes air pressure?

gravity is what causes air pressure..just like it causes densitly of things and just like it has the pull on the earth,other planets,and all stars The weight of the mass in it ( Full Answer )
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Difference between air pressure and ambient air pressure?

Ambient pressure is a sensor reading from the unit. Normalized/barometer pressure is the unit's best estimate of locally reported sea-level pressure for your location. This es ( Full Answer )
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How does the air pressure in a room differ from the air pressure in a basketball?

Air pressure in a room is less than that of a basketball since it does not crush the basketball. Think of the crushed can experiment. If you empty a soda can, flip it upsid ( Full Answer )
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What in the air causes air pressure?

It is the weight of the air itself that causes air pressure.Fluctuations occur due to changes in wind and temperature. We live in air pressure of about 15 pounds per square i ( Full Answer )
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Why is there air pressure?

There is such a thing as air pressure because air has mass it creates pressure. It also keeps us balanced.
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Is air pressure in the air recorded?

Yes. Air pressure is recorded by meteorologists worldwide. This is so they can determine the weather for forecasts later on.
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What is the air pressure?

air pressure is the firce exerted by moving air molecules Air pressure is the air around you. Air pressure can pushing every where so the air from the top only dosent squish y ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference of air pressure and gas pressure?

"Air pressure" usually refers to the ambient pressure of the atmosphere around you. "Air pressure" is thus just a special case of "gas pressure". Gas pressure is more commonly ( Full Answer )
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What is the air pressure in the undersea air pocket?

The pressure in an air pocket would have to be equal to the pressure of the surrounding water, and would be equal to the weight of a column of water at that depth.
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Is there little or a lot of air pressure in air pressure in your home why?

At sea level there are 14.7 pounds per square inch of air pressure all around you everywhere you go. At higher altitudes there is less pressure because the air is thinner. The ( Full Answer )
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What happens to air pressure with moist air?

The moist air pressure depends on temperature higher than it does when it is dry, even, at temperatures far from saturation point. That is explained by the fact, that the univ ( Full Answer )
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Which air has greater air pressure?

Cooler air has greater air pressure since the air molecules are denser, meaning they are close together. Warmer air has lower air pressure for the opposite reason.
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Is air rising or sinking in air pressure?

none of the suspected but just because it is a multiple choice question the one that is nearly the answer is sinking if it was rising the would be life at mars people going to ( Full Answer )
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When the air get warmer the air pressure drops?

If you mean why does the air get warmer as the air pressure drops then that is an easily answered question. first we must look at what air pressure is, air pressure is the wei ( Full Answer )