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Why does air have pressure?

Answer . Assuming you're talking about atmospheric pressure, it is caused by the earth's gravity and varies from place to place due to the forces of different forms of weat (MORE)
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Why air has pressure?

Because it has mass and therefore is subject to gravity
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Does air have pressure?

Yes, air has pressure. The Bernoulli's principle answers this question, of fast and slow moving air. The slower air has a higher pressure than the faster air. It's kind of lik (MORE)
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What kind of air has high pressure?

If this is about weather, then high pressure is usually relatedto fine and warm weather. If this is about engineering, then anything goes. When air is compressed, it gets hot (MORE)
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Why are air plane cabins pressurized?

Outside the plane is way less pressure and less air to breath. Ifinside the plane was the same pressure as the outside, people mightdie depending on how high the plane is. ** (MORE)
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Does air exert pressure?

Yes. All gases exert some pressure due to the weight of their molecules. But it depends on the concentration of the gas (mass per volume) and will vary with temperature and fl (MORE)
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How does air have pressure?

It really depends im what context you mean. Atmosphere: pressure in the air around us is caused by gravity constantly trying to pull the air downward, and weather condition (MORE)
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What happens to the pressure of air as the air rises?

Air pressure is simply the weight of the air above you. Air pressure falls with height because the higher you go up, the less air there is above you to weigh down on you.
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Does air mass have density and pressure?

a volume of air has a mass, density, and a pressure associated with it. Although the volume's mass is constant, its density and pressure are proportional to one another.
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What is the pressure of air in tires?

That is solely depended on the tire size as well as width, there should be writing somewhere on your tire stating its capacity. I hope I helped. ^_^
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Is the air in lungs negative pressure?

There are a number of places in the body where the pressures are lower than atmospheric, or negative. For example, 1- When we breathe in (inspire) the pressure in the lungs mu (MORE)
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Does air exert any pressure?

There is about 2 ton of air on every square foot of the Earth (less at high altitudes)
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What is the pressure of a car air bag?

The automotive 'airbag' is actually more like a 'parachute' as it has holes on the forward facing surface (towards the windshield) for the gases to escape. The 'airbags' are i (MORE)
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How can the sound pressure be measured in air?

A sound level meter is used. We measure the sound pressure in pascals or the sound pressure level SPL in decibels. That is a sound field quantity. See related link.
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Why do air liners have pressurized cabins?

Modern airliners fly at altitudes in excess of 30,000 feet. At such heights the air is very thin and humans cannot get enough oxygen. Prolonged exposure to such conditions can (MORE)
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Why is compressed air at a high pressure?

Compressed means that you've taken something that is at one size,and then forced all of it into a smaller size. The only way to get the same amount of stuff that was in a bigg (MORE)
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How does pressure cause air to move?

Pressure cause air to move because all the weight pushes up or downand causes it to go the opposite direction.