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What do air raids look like?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nDuring WWII (I can remember just the end of it) where we had tar paper blinds and when the air raid siren would go off that meant ALL lights were t ( Full Answer )
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What types of air raid shelters were there?

Answer . I know of two air raid type shelters. The Anderson shelter and the Morrison Shelter. I think this is true names...
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How do you make an air raid shelter?

Construction method varied considerably depending on shelter type. The Anderson shelter: 1. Dig trench 10ft x 4ft and 3ft deep 2. The separate sections were then bolte ( Full Answer )
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What is a series of air raids?

A series of air raids is called a blitz.. Air raids refer toattacks by aircraft usually during war. The German Nazis conductedair raids on various countries, including England ( Full Answer )
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What were air raid wardens?

Air-raid wardens went round in an air-raid and helped people into their shelters. They also had to go round a bombed house and look for survivers.
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What does air raid shelter mean?

An air raid shelter is an underground shelter from bombing.. During the last war the sirens would go off to tell people the German bombers were coming and they would all grab ( Full Answer )
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What were air raid shelters made of?

They are made for in the ww2 so that people could down in to them under ground and be protected from the bombs and catch up on sleep from been interrupted. Added: "Air ra ( Full Answer )
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What was an Air raid patrol warden?

He got all the people out of the houses and into a bomb shelter to keep them out from the bombs, they would do this when the air-raid siren sounded and he would run around to ( Full Answer )
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What do air raids do?

An air raid is a flight of bombers attacking a city or other target. One purpose is to destroy military installations. In WW2 cities were bombed just to terrorize the civilian ( Full Answer )
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When were air raids invented?

As soon as aircraft (and that includes airships and blimps) were capable of carrying bombs. There were many air raids in WWI.
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How can you dunk in air raid basketball?

first u need timing how u can reach that red area in other mean (Dank) this is how drank with perfect...first i just walk( >) when i almost reach that read area about 4-5 step ( Full Answer )
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When was the last air raid on London?

The last German air raid on London using conventional bombers (not V1's and V2's) was on the 29 January 1944.
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Where was the first air raid?

The first actual air raid took place over the skies of Venice,Italy in July of 1849. Unmanned balloons dropped bombs on the cityat night causing fires and serious damage.
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Were there air raids on Birkenhead?

I read around the net and did not find any instances of air raids on Birkenhead, one of the places where children were sent to be kept safe from the Blitz bombings. You may be ( Full Answer )
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What were the dates of Air raid in schools?

Air raids in WW2 were always imprecise affairs, and bombs aimed at any given city would have hit schools at some point. Neither side actually AIMED at schools, but many were w ( Full Answer )
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Why did the air raids in London occur?

Hitler decided to bomb London in a desperate attempt to destroy the British peoples morale in hope that Britain would back down from the war. He bombed the major cities like L ( Full Answer )
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Did Germany have a air raid siren?

Yes. It sounded pretty much like the ones used in the UK and US. I remember hearing the siren while living in Germany where they were tested in once a month up until the 90s.
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What did the air raid wardens do?

The air raid wardens wold send a signal to tell people if a bomb was coming there way to keep them safe
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How do you play air raid basketball?

you use right and left to move up and down the court. Up is used to jump and space bar is used to shoot.
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Who used to use air raids?

All sides used air raid's to decrease civilian morale. There was an agreement when the war started that there would be no civilian casualty's and that treaty was completely ig ( Full Answer )
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When did the air raid started?

Air Raid started on the 7th Of September in 1940 and Lasted until 10th of may 1941 then Hitler decided to change tactic's.
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What did people do in an air raid shelter?

Typically they waited for the sirens to stop then went back above ground. Some of the better ones were not only meant to save you from the event itself but it provided safe sh ( Full Answer )
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How did Britain prepare for air raids?

They put up air raid shelters; warned people with posters; the arp was set up also to contribute to the war effort.
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What was the air raid siren run on?

Air raid sirens were mounted to telephone poles, buildings and light poles. They were powered by electricity. They did not have solar power then. There are solar powered siren ( Full Answer )
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Did air raid shelters have carpets?

Rarely but yes some air raid shelters during the blitz did have carpets. There were many types of shelters in WW2 such as the Anderson and Morrison shelters but many shelters ( Full Answer )
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What happened with zeppelin air raids?

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What do you put in a air raid shelter?

well I would put food guns for protection and a tv for the wounded soldgers and bathrooms also mounted machine guns facing the out side if you need to know more play all call ( Full Answer )
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What did the air raids signify?

The air raids signified nothing. Have you ever been bombed by planes, its not very pleasent and meanwhile the thoughts that go through your head aren't, "Man I bet you this si ( Full Answer )
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When was the first air raid on Exeter?

The first bombing was on St Thomas, Exeter in the Second World War, on 7th August 1940. It was reported in the local paper thus: "Five bombs fell on a south west town on ( Full Answer )
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Were air raid shelters free?

There were public and neighbourhood shelters in British towns. People could also buy shelters to erect in side their house or larger ones in gardens.
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Was there air raid sirens in WW1?

Yes, but in a very different form to the one we are familiar withfrom WW2. During WW1 bombing raids were made by German Zeppelinsover South East England. In August 1915 the fi ( Full Answer )
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Have was Air Raid Shelters built?

The civilian air raid shelters were little better than steel cages to be assembled in living rooms, or slightly bigger ones to be assembled in gardens