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What happens when an air bubble is trapped in water?

You get a Puff-Adder Okay to improve on the answer and spoil the joke. When having a bath air becomes trapped in water should flatulence occur. It is quite normal for peop (MORE)
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What happens when air gets trapped in a hydraulic system?

Air trapped in a hydraulic system will decrease efficiency and increase wear on the system. Motors will run at a decreased efficiency and cylinders will seem spongy feeling an (MORE)
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Why is trapped air a good insulator?

Because air is a very low density material, there are not a lot of atoms per unit volume to engage in heat transfer type collisions, and if the air is trapped and therefore mo (MORE)
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What if air is trapped in brake line?

If air is trapped in the air line then ost likely its winter time and moisture and debri has accumulated in the air line causing a blockade. You could try and melt the ice in (MORE)
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Can frog trap air on their throat?

A frog certainly can trap air in their throat. This is a necessaryskill that the frog has developed as a creature that lives both inand out of water.
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How can I remove air trapped in ear?

Cucurucho...roll a newspaper page into a dart/ the small end in ear and light the big end...after a while the air will shoot out of your careful and have (MORE)
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Why can egg white trap so much air?

Egg whites contain more protein (specifically Albumen) than egg yolks do. So as you whisk them, the protein is able to trap the air bubbles within, surrounding each bubble wit (MORE)
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What other aquatic animals trap air bubbles?

OK, not an aquatic animal, but...When damselfly's go under the water's surface to lay eggs, they trap an air bubble around them to breathe.
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Why can leguminous plant trap nitrogen from the air?

(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) of, relating to, or belonging to the Fables(formerly Leguminous), a family of flowering plants having pods (or legumes) as fruit (MORE)
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How do you trap cold air from the atmosphere?

They have these wonderful devices nowadays. They're called "picnic coolers". You might be thinking of Maxwell's Demon, but I kind of doubt it. It wouldn't work anyway. It t (MORE)
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Do Utah's mountains trap air pollution?

Yes! The Wasatch Mountains of Utah are a large north south boundary east of Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City produces Ozone and photochemical smog. In addition there is particul (MORE)
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Do tornadoes trap or release air?

Both. In the bottom few thousand feet of a tornado air is drawn inward. The air is then released upward and then finally outward at the top of the storm.