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How do you uninstall airbags?

Disconnect battery. Pull Air Bag fuse. Locate special Yellow wiring. Disconnect clip at connector. Unplug connector. Wait 2 minutes before servicing Air Bag. You may need torx (MORE)
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How do you replace airbags?

Answer . \nYou don't! This is a job for an expert, and not a DIY job. Serious injury can occur when dealing with the SRS. Take it to a professional.
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How do airbags work?

Well, when a car crashes there is a sensor in the front of the car wich if hit hard enough sends a pulse to another sensor which triggers a tank of nitrogen gas witch inflates (MORE)
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Why are airbags important?

airbags are important because if you get in to a crash you can die without an airbag and its also used for cushion when it happens
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Why do cars have airbags?

Air bags are designed to protect occupants of moving vehicles during a crash. The bag instantly inflates, causing one's body to impact the air (cushion) bag, rather than the d (MORE)
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When were airbags invented?

Airbags Automotive are invented by Allen Breed. They were invented in 1960's in America ( U.S). I hope this answer your question. BY: Radhika....
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Advantages of Airbags?

Prevent a serious accident from turning into a fatality. And prevents you from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. Just remember to keep your seat belt on!
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When do airbags deploy?

Air bags deploy when someone gets into an accident.
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What are in airbags?

Nothing until they're activated. Then sodium azide is reacted to rapidly produce nitrogen gas, which inflates the bag.
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Are airbags reusable?

Yes, no and maybe. First, lets cover the "No." Once your car airbags deploy the aluminum cylinder releases all the gas, the airbag cover breaks open and the bag is inflated. (MORE)
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Can airbags be replaced?

Yes, but it is not a DIY repair. Working with the SRS can be very dangerous. For this reason seek professional help.
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Where are the airbags in cars?

The two main ones are in the steering wheel and in the dash ahead of the front seat passenger. There may also be inflatable "curtains" either in the roof liner or the pillars. (MORE)
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Why airbags are good?

Airbags are good because it makes your car look good and efficient!
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Why are airbags dangerous?

To be able to do their job, air bags has to inflate really, really quick. This means that the bag will pop open with quite a snap. Now, the whole idea of the air bag system is (MORE)
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Why do you have airbags?

so that if you crash you land in a cushion of air instead of going out the windscreen and suffering horrible injurys
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Do motorcycles have airbags?

YES . The Honda Gold Wing offers a model with an airbag. However, most motorcycles do not offer airbags as options.
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What are the risks of airbags?

The safety factor far outweighs any danger they pose. It you sit closer than 10" from the airbag there is a danger to you. If you sit at least 10" back the only danger is poss (MORE)