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Is it legal to own an airband radio?

Yes, it's legal to own a radio that receives those frequencies, but it is not legal to transmit on those frequencies without the appropriate FCC license or permit.
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Who is going to be in the last airbander movie?

The main characters are Noah Ringer (Aang) Nicola Peltz (Katara) Jackson Rathbone (Sokka) Dev Patel (Zuko) for more info go to search for The Last Airbender movie.
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What does squelch mean on airband radios?

The squelch adjustment sets a threshold for the signals/transmissions that you hear -- it lets you listen to actual transmissions without hearing the "dead" noise when a frequ ( Full Answer )
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Which frequencies are the airband frequencies?

Airband, a group of frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum, uses the frequencies between 108 and 137 megahertz. A license is required to operate airband equipment.