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Where can you find information on Luftwaffe airbases?

An excellent source for information about the German air force development prior to WW II and its combat and support assignments during WW II (1939-1945) would be the German p ( Full Answer )
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Does the US have an Airbase in Thailand?

At one time during the Vietnam War, the US built an airbase in Pattaya, Thailand.. it was given to Thailand after the war and is still utilized as an airport in Pattaya {UTP} ( Full Answer )
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An airbase with an aviation museum?

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How Did The Ramstein Airbase Disaster Happen?

Several different video recordings of the accident were taped. They show that the "piercing" aircraft (Pony 10) came in too low and too fast at the crossing point with the oth ( Full Answer )
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Where is shamsi airbase in Pakistan?

PAF Base Shamsi , also called Bandari is a Pakistan Air Force airbase located near Washki (about 200 miles (320 km) southwest of Quetta) in the Balochistan province of Pakis ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Balad Airbase in Iraq?

The Balad Airbase in Iraq is located in the Saladin Province and it is within the borders of the Sunni triangle. It is located about 40 miles to the north of Baghdad.
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Does the area 51 airbase have a bigfoot?

No. Here's why: Area 51, more accurately Croom Lake (a detatchment of Edwards AFB),is a real place. While bigfoot is a myth.