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Are Navy combat aircrew wings a specialty badge or actually an aeronautic rate?

Answer . The Navy Combat Aircrew Wings are an insignia. The insignia was intended primarily for enlisted ratings in the flight crews of naval aircraft, but commissioned or ( Full Answer )
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Does combat aircrew insignia transfer to army?

if worn over the left breast pocket in the airforce then it can also be worn on other US service clothing
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Do the marine corp combat aircrew wings transfer to the army?

I serve in an Army National Guard unit. There we have a prior service airman who wears his air force combat aircrew wings. He says it's authorized. Not sure his source. Myself ( Full Answer )
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How many army aircrew died in World War 2?

US Army Air Force was the predecessor of United States Air Forceand was the military aviation wing of US military during WW II.USAAF took a total of 88,119 casualties. This wa ( Full Answer )
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What is the Navy Rate Aircrew?

Answer . An Aircrew Rating can be a specialist in any number of specialties from operating tactical weapons and sensors or communications and Electronic Warfare. Rescue di ( Full Answer )
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Who were the aircrew members that flew the B-24 Liberator?

The crew of the B-24 consisted of 7 to 13 men, depending on the variant. (Some had more or fewer guns and more or less equipment.) The primary flight crew of a "regular" aircr ( Full Answer )
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Can you wear your naval aircrew wings in the air force uniform?

Yes, you can wear your NAC in your Air Force uniform - just make sure that you have your former rate/rating and NATOP recorded in your Air Force RIP, so that no one can questi ( Full Answer )
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Can you wear U.S. Air Force aircrew wings in Naval uniform?

Generally no - you cannot wear devices from other services on other service branch uniforms, unless there are specific regulations specifying otherwise. This is because eac ( Full Answer )
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Did the Navy or Marines ever use enlisted personnel as aircrew in F-4s?

The F4U Corsairs of World War 2 were fighter planes and only took a pilot into battle. Unlike the British, all Pilots for the United States were commissioned officers. The peo ( Full Answer )
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Life expectancy of aircrew in the Vietnam war?

Depended upon mission & era. B-52 crewmen suffered horrible casualties during Linebacker II in December '72 (aka Christmas Bombings). If that campaign had lasted 6 months inst ( Full Answer )
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In the 2001 Hainan Island Incident the US Government paid the Chinese Government for food and lodging of the EP-3 aircrew is that true or false?

That is True. The 24 member crew was charged $34,000 for their incarceration for 11 days and for the food they they were given. China had demanded a million dollars for this s ( Full Answer )
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Is there a list of aircrew lost in action during WW2?

When I was researching air crews lost in Vietnam I just typed "aircrews lost in Vietnam war in the google search bar and got started that way. So you might just try typing in ( Full Answer )
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Were italian aircraft and aircrews used by the luftwaffe and regia aeronautica for escort and patrol duty and service in the blitz and battle of britain?

No. -The only aircraft that fought in Battle of Britain were British aircraft in RAF and German aircraft in Luftwaffe. The Italian Air Force played no part in Blitz or in Bat ( Full Answer )