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How old do you have to be to use an airgun?

It depends on the country that you live in. In the USA their is no age limit to use an Airgun. However in most states you must be 18 to purchase one. in the UK you have to be ( Full Answer )
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Airguns laws in New York?

The airgun laws in New York are some what complicated. You can not ship to or own them in the following zip codes 100xx-104xx and 111-114xx and 116xx. Any where besides NY Cit ( Full Answer )
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Can a ex-felon have an airgun?

He can , but he WILL go to prison when he is caught with it.
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Can you mail an airgun?

Yes. You can mail airguns. You do need to however look into the local and federal laws conserning the gun(s) in question.
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What states are airguns legal?

Most states airguns are legal but some states and cities have restrictions. The following are examples or restricted states and cities: New York City and all of its burr ( Full Answer )
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Can a 380 fps airgun kill you?

Most likely not. It all depends where it strikes you. ALWAY treat an Air Gun safely 380 fps will most likely not puncture skin you would have to take an eye or juggular shot ( Full Answer )
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How do semi auto airguns work?

Gas from burning gun powder is used to extact, eject and load the next round into the chamber..
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Is an airgun a firearm?

Depends on your jurisdiction. Federally, no. But some counties rewrite the city code to define a firearm as any device capable of firing a projectile by means of expanding gas ( Full Answer )
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Where to get a airgun permit?

It all depends on the country where you live. No permit is needed in Most of the United States but is needed in most other countries. a2. Modern CO 2 powered airguns can b ( Full Answer )
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What is the most powerful airgun?

Pellet guns come in .177, .20, .22, .25, 9MM, 45 cal, 357 cal and 50 Caliber. The last 3 sizes are fired by PCP air rifles (Recharged pneumatic ) that require a scuba tank to ( Full Answer )
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What animals can you shoot with an airgun?

It all depends on the model, Pellet size and power of the airgun. Most are capable of shooting small rodents and game. Like birds. However high end pellet rifles that are in t ( Full Answer )
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H in pentagon sign for airguns?

I've seen this symbol before. Actually it's an "I", your looking at it sideways, It stands for Industry Brand of Shanghai China. I own two of these rifles. These are fairly i ( Full Answer )
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What is the fastest airgun?

The fastest air rifle is the gamo hunter ,the fastest air pistol is browning 800 mag i have tested and got 1055 f.p.s. with gamo raptors,725 with crosman premiers. Fine Point ( Full Answer )
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Where do you find parts for your Logan airgun?

Logun airguns are made in Willenhall, West Midlands UK and imported by "Pyramyd Air" and "Straight Shooters Precision Airguns" in the USA. You could start there or do a search ( Full Answer )
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How far do you have to be to sight a airgun scope?

For a rifle that fires between 800 & 1000 FPS you should set your target at 60 feet. You will have to adjust for rifles that shoot at a slower FPS.
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What airgun website is the best?

there is no best airsoft site, they all have flaws, but here aresome good sites; airsoft GI, and airsplat. also &
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How loud are airguns?

It all depends on the power plant in the airgun. Some are very quiet and some are as loud as any firearm. I own several that are no problem firing in my backyard because they ( Full Answer )
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What is the fps in an airgun?

FPS stands for Feet Per second. This is how the air gun is rated at firing a BB or Pellet. Every model has a different FPS.
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Do airguns shoot metal bullets?

Airguns normally shoot metal pellets. A rifle cargridge has a built-in gunpowder charge to propel the bullet when the powder explodes. An airgun compresses air in a chamber, w ( Full Answer )
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Why use nitrogen in airguns?

Nitrogen is not used to power air weapons, I think you may be getting confused with CO2 which is a common air weapon propellant: Correction . Nitrogen IS used to power airgu ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy a scope and put it on an airgun?

Only if the airgun has a scope rail designed into the gun. You will also need an airgun scope not a firearms scope.
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How do you make airgun more powerful?

Search the web for air gun repair or air gun tuning. There are several shops that tune or modify air guns.
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Where you can repair your airgun in Houston Texas?

You may have to send it out, there are several shops that make a living repairing and tuning air guns. Do a search for air gun repair on the web or see the link below.
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Where is the air chamber on an airgun?

It depends on the model. Rifles usually have one behind the barrel or under the barrel. Pistols may have one under the barrel or in the grip.
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Can airguns kill people?

Yes. several models are capable of killing a person. That's why children should never play with one unsupervised. Never point an air gun at another person.
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Where can you buy airgun spares?

It depends on the model. Do a search on the web for "Air gun Repair" or see the link below,
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Where are crosman airguns made?

Most are made in the New York Plant, however some of the pistols are made in Japan and some of the rifles are made in China.
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What is a blowback slide on an airgun?

It's the top portion of the gun that slides back and re-loads the airgun with the next shot when the gun is fired. The slide is literally blownback by the gas in the gun. It s ( Full Answer )
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Is there a hog been killed with a airgun?

Yes. It is more common than you think. But it requires a special class of air guns or rifles. These are in the PreCharged Pneumatic class of air guns (PCP) They can fire all ( Full Answer )
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What does the toy called an airgun do?

An airgun is not a toy! It can be a harmful weapon even though not like a real gun. It uses something like a carbon dioxide cartridge to propel a missile, usually a pellet o ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert airgun to 177?

Your question is not clear. What are you converting from. Air guns are already .177 unless you have a larger barrel on them. In that case you just change the barrel to .177. I ( Full Answer )
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How many airguns are there in the world?

There are too many types: airguns that are used in the autoindustry, Air Rifles, Air pistols, Air soft guns.