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Why is there air?

Answer . AIR!!! well , you see, air is there, but is actually carbon dioxide and oxygen. We breath in oxygen and produce carbon doixide. There are also other substances in ( Full Answer )
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Where has no air?

Answer . Where has no air?...Why, would you like to breath in it? If you do, and still want to live, try real high places like the highest mountain on earth. Sigh. Places w ( Full Answer )
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Where is air?

Well, air is all around us. It is the atmosphere we breathe it is made up of 78% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.038% carbon dioxide and trace amounts of other gases. It also has a ( Full Answer )
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What is air for?

Well i hope you are not older than 5 years old when asking this question but let me tell you anyway air is a vital part of everything on earth and if we don't have it we will ( Full Answer )
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What is in the air?

oxygen, carbon dioxide,and dust. There is 20% oxygen, 79% nitrogen and carbon dioxide. h2o , siguret smoke, pollution, clouds, acid rain, couldness,smoke,gases. jona lavalle ( Full Answer )
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Air conditioner air stinks?

The air conditioner stinks when the coils gather dust and make water (condensate) and it becomes mold. what you should do is to change your furnace filter and clean it then sp ( Full Answer )
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From where comes the air of air condinters?

The air for ac comes in from hood cowling located just below your wiper blades, it is outside air that has been cooled before entering the car cabin.
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What is air?

Air is a mixture of various gases, chiefly nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%), and constitutes the breathable atmosphere of the Earth.Air pressure varies and is greatest at lower ( Full Answer )
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How does air to air refueling work?

The Tanker aicraft has a crew position in the rear of the aircraft. The crewman lies on his stomach and looks out a window that faces aft and down. This crewman has joy-stick ( Full Answer )
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What takes air into the air sacs?

air sacs are in the lungs and when you breathe in blood carries it to the lungs.
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Do air fresheners pollute the air?

Anything that adds material to the air that isn't oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor or argon can be said to be polluting the air. This would include air freshener, cologne, perfum ( Full Answer )
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How do you can air?

The same forced compression that is used for liquid propane, and all other compressed gasses
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Is night air bad air?

night air is not bad air unless it is very cold or damp outside then is when it could be bad for you you can get a cold or even get pneumonia . hope that answers your quest ( Full Answer )
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Hot air air expands?

particles gain energy and move around more, whether solid liquid or gas. this means that the particles take up more space and the gas 'expands'
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What is the air?

the air is approximately 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the other 1% is made up of carbon dioxide and various other gasses such as helium, neon etc and also there is varying amo ( Full Answer )
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What does air have in it?

Approximately 78% Nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% Carbon dioxide however carbon dioxide has a various different stuff in it like Helium and neon etc.
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How is the air pollution affecting the air?

it affects the air by putting toxic in it and if you breath the toxic you will eather die or will have to wear a mask forthe rest of your life
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Air compressor will not compress air?

Air Compressor is the tool that can compress air, so it is impossible for that the air compressor can not compress air. If you have this trouble, please check you machine and ( Full Answer )
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Effects of air pollution of air?

Like photochemical pollutants, sulfur oxides contribute to the incidence of respiratory diseases. Acid rains, a form of precipitation that contains high levels of sulfuric or ( Full Answer )
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Do air fresheners affect the air?

Largely not since the ratification of the Montreal Protocol in 1989. The CFCs aerosol air fresheners used to contain have been banned by all member nations of the UN, as well ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get your air from?

You blow out carbon dioxide, trees breathe it in, trees breathe out oxygen, you breathe in oxygen. It's the air cycle.
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What is the velocity of air in still air?

Speed of sound in still air is c ≈ 331 + 0.6 × T. T = Temperature. Speed of sound in air at 20°C is c ≈ 331 + 0.6 × 20 = 343 m/s.
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What is an air-to-air missile?

In air Combat, when an aircraft fires a missile at another aircraft, it is known as an Air to Air missile. The Sparrows and Sidewinders were air to air missiles
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How do you air kiss air kiss?

1. kiss the tips of your fungers 2. face you palm up 3. lower your hand, until your inner writs is about an inch away from your chin 4. blow some air onto your hand
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How do you get air in air Jordans?

You can't, the name of the shoe is air jordan because of the knack jordan had for being able to jump
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How does compressed air get into an air rifle?

3 different ways. 1. by using a spring piston that you cock manually 2. injecting the air or C02 from a pump or tank 3. Using a hand pump under the barrel
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What type of air does each air have?

Air has: 78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen 0.9% Argon 0.04% Carbon dioxide And other traces but above are the gases you need to know
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What is an air to air exchanger on air compressors?

Usually, it's a finned section around the pipe the compressed air flows thru immediately after the compressor cylinder. As the air (or any other gas) is compressed, it heats u ( Full Answer )
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What types of air that is in air pollution?

In air pollution, the contents of carbon dioxide is much greater, which causes breathing problem,apart from causing damage to the environment.With air pollution continuing una ( Full Answer )
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How do air brakes get there compressed air?

There's an air compressor mounted to the engine. That compressorcharges one (or several) tanks. Air from the primary system is fedcontinuously to the emergency chamber of the ( Full Answer )
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Why is air air?

air is impotent for living creature without air i can die even youcan die we can stay just 1min or i second only and air is a mixtureof many gasses
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What can air NOT do?

air can't kill you unless you breathe it in from a cigarette lots or breathe in carbon dioxide.