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When was the first airshow?

What we now call Airshows evolved out of Balloon ascenscions which were popular stunt events at Carnivals, State Fairs and similar events. a Balloon ascent from Bergen Point a ( Full Answer )
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When is blackpool airshow 2009?

Blackpool's offical website has confirmed this years air show for Sunday 9th August.. Check out for more info.
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Does it cost you anything to be at a airshow?

Yes. Normally there is an entry fee. However, if you find a good spot on the airport perimeter you'll probably get as good a view. You just wont get to see the planes close up ( Full Answer )
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Is there an airshow with an Sr-71 Blackbird?

It would be EXTREMELY unlikely because the black bird is a very expensive plane and they probably won't risk some other country finding out about how the SR-71 operates there' ( Full Answer )
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Where is the MAKS airshow held?

The MAKS airshow is held annually near Moscow, Russia. There is an official website devoted to this event which contains information about participation, tickets, and more.