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Should you put an airstone in a saltwater aquarium?

This is a debated topic. There are both pros and cons. Though oxygen is very important, too much can be deadly for a fish. The finer the bubbles the more likely your fish may ( Full Answer )
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Airstones in a freshwater tank is this a good idea?

No matter what type of fish you're raising some form of supplimental oxygen is usually a good idea. Some fish like goldfish or Siamese fighting fish can breathe air so it won' ( Full Answer )
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Does an airstone have to be installed to anything?

An airstone needs to be attached to an airline which is connected to an air pump. In a freshwater aquarium, air wands, stones or discs are important as they add oxygen to th ( Full Answer )
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How long does a bubble bar airstone last in an aquarium?

A bubbler does virtually no good to your water. It's far better to attach the air pump to a filter and to get some real water improvement benefit from the airpump. I would not ( Full Answer )
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Is an airstone needed in a freshwater aquarium?

An "airstone" is not neccessary. All species of fish must have their water looked after properly if they are to survive. The basic rules of successfull fishkeeping are. :- 1 i ( Full Answer )
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What is an airstone?

An airstone is a piece of aquarium furniture whose purpose is to diffuse oxygen gradually into a tank, eliminating the noise of conventional air filtration systems.