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What does the ait sensor control?

Answer . It controls nothing. It sends a signal to the ECU based on the Ait Intake Temperture. The ECU uses this to determine the best fuel/air mixture.
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What happens going awol in ait?

\nI went awol in ait and was discharged at my request.. to a general.. woop big deal\n. \nit was worth it lol
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Ait river islet?

From Wikipedia:. An ait (or eyot) is a small island in a river. It is especially used to refer to islands found on the River Thames and its tributaries in England. So basica ( Full Answer )
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Is 35F AIT hard?

35F is an officer's MOS - they don't go through AIT like enlisted personnel do. This is completely wrong. 35foxtrot is an enlisted MOS, and your general intelligence man. ( Full Answer )
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How long into AIT do you get your orders for the army?

You'll receive your first set of orders well before you ever wear a uniform - the first set of orders you receive will be the ones for you to attend BCT. If you're referring t ( Full Answer )
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How can you get AIT scholarship in Thailand?

We can get a scholarship : 1. Improve English language 2. Improve your knowledge to support with subject that you wanna apply 3. Work for get an experience 4. You must be try ( Full Answer )
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What is Henri's aits?

Aits (or eyots) are small, often temporary, islands. Henri's aits is a group of islands presumably associated with Henri, Duc D'Aumale, who is the son of Louis Philippe I, the ( Full Answer )
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What does aite mean in Japanese?

相手 (aite) is an interesting word in that it can have two meanings, which are practically opposites. 相手 can be used to refer to an opponent and also a partn ( Full Answer )
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Whats the purpose of AIT tape?

There are many purposes of AIT tape. The main purpose of AIT tape is to tape multiple generations of tape data. This format was developed by the Sony company.