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Why won't the dome lights in your 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva turn off if the car is not running and none of the doors are ajar?

Answer . \ntry checking the dimmer switch that dims your dash lights at the left lower side of your dash.. Answer . one of your door pin switches is bad. Answer . \ (MORE)
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Why do the interior lights on your 1997 Mercury Mountaineer stay on when all doors closed How do you find sensors that turn off the lights Door ajar lamp does go off?

I'm having the same issue as you are. Reshutting...uh...nearly slamming the doors multiple times eventually fixed it. However the problem is back every day and now the rear (MORE)
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How do you troubleshoot and fix a 'door ajar' 'dome light on' 'buzzer' on a Ford Explorer all models?

Troubleshooting . Go sit in your truck and close all the doors. Light stays on right? Put your key in the ignition. Does the chime start going off when you put the key in? (MORE)
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1990 Lincoln Town Car you recently replace the driver's door striker where the door locks to the car frame After replacing this striker the Door Ajar Light now stays on Any help is appreciated?

1990 Lincoln door ajar light solution . The striker adjustment is very sensitive. The door ajar switch is in the latch mechanism on the door and if the striker is not adjus (MORE)
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1997 Grand Jeep Cherokee How do you repair the hood release and cable It will not hold the hood down all the way. The secondary release or whatever it is called still works but hood is still ajar?

If your hood release cable is still good then most likey cause is a sticky or rusty release mechanizim under the hood where the cable ends. (Open the hood by moving the second (MORE)
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On a 1997 Dodge Caravan 1997 why do the locks click inside all doors the dome lights turn on and off and it says there is a door ajar and there isn't?

I had a similar problem with a 93 Caravan LE. There is a push button sensor on the body of the car where the door pushes against to trigger the dome light. Kind of like a re (MORE)
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Why does an audible alarm sound while driving the audible ping starts going off at times with no dash warning lights on sounds like door ajar alarm however no warning lights are on and doors checked?

I got the same issue with my 2006 Freestar. I'll let you know whats up, had the Ford Dealership service guy drive around with me today, I was conveniently low on gas so he sez (MORE)
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How do you troubleshoot and fix a 'door ajar' 'dom?

turn on key but do not start car, as you open each door you should hear a tone, the door that does not make any noise has a sticky dome light switch. there is a hole in the sh (MORE)