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What is full form of ITES?

The full form of ITES is Information Technology Enabled Services.
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Full form of ITES?

information technology enabled services
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What is the difference between IT and ITES?

According to the Information Technology Association of America IT is: "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information syst (MORE)
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ITES companies in Bangalore?

If u mean BPO and Call centres by saying ITES companies, then u have 1. Convergys, out and out voice process located near BTM east end, 2. HP, both voice and non voice pro (MORE)
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Ites full form?

ITES stands for Information Technology Enabled Services. Its fullforms are available for download at the Full Form Directory.
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Can Ditto duplicate ite?

A glitch in D/P lets you do so, other wise you will need to give ditto an item, give another Pokemon the same item and take them to daycare. when your egg hatches it should ha (MORE)
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What does the suffix -ite mean?

"-ite" (in the non-chemical sense) means "one connected with" or "one descended from." This definition only applies to its use as a suffix (added to the end of a word to fo (MORE)
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Fullform of ITES?

Information Technology Enabled Service
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Are there gangsters in ITE?

There are ....... When I study In Kuo Chuan Pri.. I saw Some ITE Students Smoking At The Corner If i am not wrong it is juz beside the pathway to kallang connector
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15 words that end in ite?

affright airtight alight alright aright axite backbite backlight bight birthright bite blacklight blight bobwhite bombsight bright bullfight byte calcite campsite checkbite ch (MORE)
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What is the difference between ate and ite?

Since this is a chemistry question, it is assumed that the question is really about the suffixes "-ate" and "-ite". These suffixes are used to distinguish salts of oxyacids (MORE)
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How do you tell your ited scores are good?

You can't tell if your ited is good or not just by scores. It's through comparison to yourself and others. I usually get most of my scores in the 90's but others are average o (MORE)
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Is 5 prime or compos ite?

5 is a prime number; the only factors of five are 1 and itself, which makes it prime. If it had other factors, it would be composite
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What does ite mean in french?

Ite means nothing as such in French. That could be Latin for 'go', or a suffix used in medical conditions involving inflamation.
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What are some words that end in -ite?

anthracite Aphrodite appetite apposite backbite bauxite bipartite bite bobwhite campsite cellulite cite composite contrite definite dendrite despite disunite dynamite elite er (MORE)
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What does the -ate or -ite do to the name of a compound?

It usually refers to a compound that contains a polyatomic ion or agroup equivalent to a polyatomic ion. When two similar compoundsexist one ending in -ate and the other in -i (MORE)