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What does Akasha mean?

Akasha is from a movie name queen of the damn or demons it can mean vampire. Akasha means "open air" or "space" in Sanskrit.
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How do you pronounce Akasha?

You pronounce it (Ah - Kah - Sha) Sort of like "Sasha" though you're taking away the "S" to replace it with "ak". The "ah" can also be pronounced like "uh", and the 'a' in "k ( Full Answer )
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What is the Hindu meaning of Akasha?

In Hindu, the meaning of Akasha is the basis and essence of all things material wise. The materials would be water, fire, air, wood etc. Akasha could also mean 'sky,'
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What movie and television projects has Akasha Banks Villalobos been in?

Akasha Banks Villalobos has: Played Gertrude in "Extended Family" in 2007. Played Nurse Rasha in "Undercover Alien" in 2011. Played The Wife in "A Few Tales of Hard Times: Cha ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Akasha - 2001?

The cast of Akasha - 2001 includes: Carlos Antonio as Jimmy Barbara Carvalhosa as Silvia Maria Cerqueira Gomes as Lua Ines Concalves as Leonora Rita Costa Lobo as Tucha Marian ( Full Answer )