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Can Matty Akka beat Alex Cadman in an Arm Wrestle?

Yes! It has been proven that Matty Akka can beat Alex Cadman in an arm wrestle. Whether he can or not depends on how he prepares himself for the contest. In 2008 Matty Akka d ( Full Answer )
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Where is the AKKA design studio located?

AKKA design studio is a Swedish place that creates product design, furniture, illustration, and graphic design. The amazing studio is located in Goteborg, Sweden.
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What movie and television projects has Bora Akkas been in?

Bora Akkas has: Performed in "Unutma beni" in 2002. Played Bora in "Yagmur zamani" in 2004. Performed in "Disi kus" in 2004. Played Cirak in "Avrupa yakasi" in 2004. Performed ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Akka - 1994?

The cast of Akka - 1994 includes: Amitabh Bachchan as Special Appearance (Song) Jaya Bhaduri as Special Appearance (Song) Prashant Damle Sulabha Deshpande Ajay Fhansekar
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What actors and actresses appeared in Tup-akka-lakko - 1980?

The cast of Tup-akka-lakko - 1980 includes: Olavi Ahonen as Luigin apuri alias FBI-agentti Eemeli as Herra X Tarmo Jokinen as Gangsteri Martti Kakko as Mies ikkunassa Juhani K ( Full Answer )