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When Maria got a passport she was aksed her age and she said she was twenty one because she did not work every Sunday she omited that day from her age what is Maria's real age?

her real age is 24. because if she omits the day of Sunday since the moment she was born, this causes Marias weeks to be shorter in length, with only six days. therefore causi ( Full Answer )
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Does your ex boyfriend like you again if he aksed you who you like now?

This depends on the situation. This is a common experience among many people, and can be misleading and confusing. It could be that he still likes you, but he may just be taki ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Akseli ja Elina - 1970?

The cast of Akseli ja Elina - 1970 includes: Asko Apajalahti as Jouko Kivivuori Esko Aunola as Sotilas Kari Backman as Eero Koskela Holger Blommila as Sotamies Rautala Linda B ( Full Answer )