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Who invented the alarm clock?

The first mechanical alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins, of New Hampshire, in the United States, in 1787. This device he made only for himself however, and it only rang ( Full Answer )
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How does an alarm clock work?

An alarm clock works by specifying a specific time for an alarm tosound, at which time it is electrically or electronicallyactivated. It is crucial that the clock is set to th ( Full Answer )
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How do digital alarm clocks work?

A digital alarm clock uses electronic means to keep accurate time.When the user sets the alarm to a certain time, the clock containsa speaker that sounds an alarm at that time ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the first alarm clock?

The history of the first alarm clock dates back the Greekphilosopher Plato, around 428-348 BC. It was a water clock with analarm signal similar to a water organ.
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How do you set an alarm clock?

there are 2 knobs at the back and one has a bell. that's the one you turn to the time you want to wake up or the time you want it to sound.
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Recommendation of alarm clock?

The 7 day alarm clock from American Innovative allows you to set a different alarm every single day of the week. It has many other customizable features and is much more flexi ( Full Answer )
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Why was the alarm clock invented?

because we don't wake up at the crack of dawn anymore, we need help waking up in the morning. we ain't farmers no more. so that is my answer.
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Mrs dubose alarm clock?

The alarm clock of Mrs Dubose tells her when she can take her next dose of morphine. So every time the alarm clock starts ringing she tells Jem and Scout to go home because sh ( Full Answer )
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What is programmable alarm clock?

A programmable microcomputer controlled alarm clock has a multi-key input keyboard for setting the time of day, the month and date, and the alarm times of two or more independ ( Full Answer )
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Why do alarm clocks reset to 1200 am?

because it wants to answer Because the power went out temporarily, and when it came back on, the clock turned on to its "default" time of 12:00 am.whats an alarm clock?
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Is there an alarm clock that alarm every hour?

There are some alarm clocks on the market that will go off everyhour if they are set correctly. There are also alarm apps forsmartphones and tablets that can go off every hour ( Full Answer )
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Why are alarm clocks bad?

they wake you up before school and its sad and i need a lie in
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How do you spell an alarm clock sound?

Mine is a wailing beep, so I would put that, but make sure to specify that it is an alarm clock.
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Who invented Flying alarm clocks?

Designer Ena Macana built the Blowfly flying alarm clock, whichturned the conventional way of waking up on its ear. The devicewould launch itself at the predetermined time and ( Full Answer )
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Why does the colon of an alarm clock flash?

Because digital clocks don't have second hands, the flashing colonsimitate it instead. Count how many there are in 1 minute, you should get 60.
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Is they a magnet in an alarm clock?

Yes, alarm clocks do use magnets. But im not quite sure what part of the magnets they are in. But i do know if it is set to play music or something else there are magnets used ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of the alarm clock?

An early prototype of the alarm clock was invented by the Greeks around 250 BC. The Greeks built a water clock where the raising waters would both keep time and eventually hit ( Full Answer )
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Can a lime power an alarm clock?

yes but u also need a really big lime ...and a lemon would work better
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Is the bacon alarm clock for sale?

Maybe you can check on websites or different shops that may sell that exact clock x Young sire x or madam x
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Why was the first alarm clock invented?

The first mechanical alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins, ofNew Hampshire, in the United States, in 1787. This device he madeonly for himself however, and it only rang a ( Full Answer )
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What was the alarm clock made do?

The alarm clock was made to wake you up in the morning so you wont be late for work, it is also made to make sure you do things at the right time.
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How do you set an alarm on your digital alarm clock?

most of the time you will have to press a button that says alarm and it will give you an unfinished time and then you have to click the select buttons until it gets to the rig ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete a alarm clock on your phone?

Its easy all you have 2 go clock and then you click on time you set your alarm clock and press delete all the the time you set your alarm clock and then you delete it and all ( Full Answer )
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What are some forces in an alarm clock?

To make load sounds (sound waves) and it can tell the time also if re wired then can be weapon
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How is a homemade alarm clock made?

Homemade alarm clocks are made by connecting speakers to a battery base with connection wires. Once connected the battery can be programmed to release electrical pulses at the ( Full Answer )
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What is a computer alarm clock program?

An alarm clock computer program allows the user to set alarms throughout the day. One can attach a music or sound file to the alarm, adjust the settings and even press snooze, ( Full Answer )
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How does and iPod alarm clock work?

iPod alarm clocks works by docking an iPod or iPhone into the device. Then the user sets a time for them to wake up. The clock then plays a preselected song or sound at that ( Full Answer )
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Where can a kids alarm clock be bought?

There are many places where an alarm clock can be bought for a child. It ranges from Toys R' Us, to Amazon, to many other places. It just depends the prices from here. Amazon ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits of Zen alarm clocks?

Zen alarm clocks are often made from nice wood and in a Pyramid shape. The benefits of Zen Alarm Clocks is that they have a countdown timer included which is useful for medita ( Full Answer )
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How does an Internet alarm clock work?

An internet alarm clock works the same as a normal alarm clock just it is based on the internet. You enter the time you wish the alarm to go off and as long as your computer i ( Full Answer )