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What is rain alarm?

Rain Alarm is an app that warns you against approaching rain orsnow. The weather app uses a silent alarm to warn you.
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What are burglar alarms?

Burglar alarms are electronic protection for you and your family. Some sorts need codes entered into them when you open your door. The purpose of them is to beep or ring lo (MORE)
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Where is the alarm box?

Often reffered to as the Manual Call Point or Break Glass. In other places this may be a Pull Station. When these are activated, they cause the fire alarm to go off. In some (MORE)
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What does alarm means?

The word alarm has a couple different meanings. It can mean thatyou caused someone else to feel scared or surprised and it candescribe a system that detects when someone tries (MORE)
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What is a chili alarm?

I believe a Chili Alarm refers to how spicy hot a bowl of Chili tastes.
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What are the types of alarms?

Annoying . Interesting . Boring . Continuous . Incessant . Disappearing ( . ha ha vry funny. There is actually:. Motion sensor . heat sensor . voice activate . numb (MORE)
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When where alarms invented?

The Greeks came up with alarms in 615c.e. After they had faced a series of invasions, they came up with an "alarm" that would sound when someone would enter an area.
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How is VMS alarms?

VMS Alarms is a really great company. I have had an alarm with him them for about two years and it works really well. I have monitored smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sens (MORE)
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What are synonyms for alarm?

fear, panic, anxiety, fright, apprehension, nervousness, consternation, danger signal, warning, bell, alert, siren, hooter, distress signal
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What are synonyms for alarming?

frightening, distressing, shocking, scaring, disturbing, startling, horrifying, menacing
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What are alarms?

Alarms. This form of therapy uses a sensor placed in the child's pajamas or in a bed pad. This sensor triggers an alarm that wakes the child at the first sign of wetness. If t (MORE)
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Where is the alarm wire?

Not enough info to answer. Please reask the question and include the vehicle year make and model, or the type of alarm is it is in a building. Not enough info to answer. Plea (MORE)
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Why do you have to have a smoke alarm?

Smoke alarms are designed to sense smoke, which indicates fire, earlier than you may detect it if you are sleeping or in another part of the house. When the smoke alarm goes o (MORE)
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What is a lojack alarm?

LoJack Corporation is the premier worldwide provider of tracking and recovery systems. More than two decades ago, LoJack created the stolen vehicle recovery category and has (MORE)
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What is Carson alarmed about?

He autumn months to which she referred brought other somberreportsfrom the deep South, where in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabamathe Field Notes published quarterly by the N (MORE)
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Is it alarm remote or remote alarm?

An alarm remote is a remote control for an alarm system. A remotealarm is an alarm that rings somewhere far away from whatever setoff the alarm.
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What is a tornado alarm?

A tornado alarm or tornado siren is a loud siren found in sometornado prone areas that sounds when a tornado warning is issued.
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Is alarmed an adjective?

It can be, and may also be a verb. It is the past participle of theverb "to alarm" (to upset, worry, or excite).