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What is albedo?

The albedo is the relative reflectivity of light from a surface, which for solar radiation indicates the percentage of solar energy that is not absorbed. Darker bodies general (MORE)

What does albedo measure?

Reflected light. If an object's (say Venus's) albedo is high, that means it seems bright for bodies of its size and distance. If the body is dark and its surface absorbs rathe (MORE)

What is the moon's albedo?

The moon's albedo is the amount of light that it gets that isreflected back into space. The moon's albedo is about 12%.

What is higher albedo?

Albedo is a fractional measure of reflectivity. The higher the albedo, the more energy is reflected. A body with an albedo of 1 would be a perfect reflector. An object with an (MORE)

What is snows albedo?

It can be as high as 0.9, or as low as about 0.7. A snow-covered landscape can be considerable less than that, as snow falls off tree branches or gets plowed off streets, for (MORE)

What is the importance of albedo?

The albedo effect reflects the sun's radiation helping to slow the effects of global warming (like sea ice, white ice caps and glaciers). If (or when) these melt, then the ref (MORE)