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Who is Edward Albee?

Answer . An American playwright known for works including Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? , The Zoo Story , The Sandbox and The American Dream . His works are conside (MORE)

Avon's Miss Albee Figurines?

Basically these were given to employees for most sales. They're very collectable figurines. - Hope this helps - Kourt.
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Where can someone purchase Avon Albee?

Avon Albees are extremely hard to find, so it may require a lot of deep, hard searching to find one. Auction websites such as Ebay would probably be the first point of call.

What has the author Helen Albee Monsell written?

Helen Albee Monsell has written: 'John Marshall' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction 'Powder puff girl' -- subject(s): Drama, Women 'Susan B. Anthony' -- subject(s): Accessi (MORE)