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Who has the most albums?

Bloomington, IN based Guitarist Denis Taaffe (pronounced Tayf) has completed and released 170 studio albums. He uses electric guitar, guitar loops done on the fly, ( Full Answer )
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What is an analog album?

The Analogs is a Polish street punk band. They originated in Szczecin, and are quite successful on the local and international punk rock scene.. The band is widely regarded ( Full Answer )
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What Beatles album is From Me To You from?

That's a REALLY good question....somewhat difficult to research. However, here's the answer: It was released only as a single in the US on VeeJay (they had the rights BEFO ( Full Answer )
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Who buys albums?

People Who prefer the older packagings(Liner Notes) , Collectors, and Hardcore fans. Or if your talking about Vinyl, Some people prefer crackling and popping, because it seems ( Full Answer )
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What is an album?

1 . a book where pictures stamps and stickers are put in 2. a CD that has not only one song but many
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What albums did The Beatles Have?

The Beatles recorded 13 studio albums while they were together. In order they are: Please Please Me With the Beatles (the Canadian version was Meet the Beatles) A Hard D ( Full Answer )
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What is the album 'nineteen'?

It really is '19', by Adele, in which her very popular song 'Chasing Pavements' is on.
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What album is freebird in?

It,s supposed to be on the lp Pronounced LENERD SKINERD. Some people simply refer to this lp as the Pronounced lp.
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What album was hey you in?

If you are referring to the Pink Floyd track "Hey You", it appeared on "The Wall" Lp (1979).
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What rhymes with album?

album ,jeroboam, Noam, Siloam,brougham,residuum, triduum,continuum , Brabham , album,sachem , Beecham , Mitchum,Adam, macadam, madam, Madame,avizandum, fandom, memorandum, nil ( Full Answer )
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What album was the ghost of you in?

I know what you mean but you should be more specific in the future, okay? And The Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance is on the album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge"
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When did Rihanna do her albums?

Music Of The Sun (Released 2005) (Recorded February 2005-May 2005) A Girl Like Me (Released 2006) (Recorded October 2005-March 2006) Good Girl Gone Bad (Released 2007) (Re ( Full Answer )
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How do you define an album?

In music, an album is a series of musical works such as songs or instrumentals that are recorded in a studio to be put in a permanent form as a phonograph record, a cassette ( Full Answer )
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When is the JLS album out?

JLS' album is out on the 9th November, just a week after their second single 'Everybody in Love' is released.
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Who many albums?

Iyaz has 3 albums and 3 eps. Iyaz`s 1st album was Replay: The singles were Replay, Solo, So Big, Friend and OK. Then he released Replay: Deluxe Edition, and then My Life: The ( Full Answer )
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What are Beyonce albums?

As a solo artist... -Dangerously in love (2003) -Speak my mind (a mixtape- 2005) -B'day (2006) -I am...Sasha Fierce (2008)
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Can you download this album?

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Which album is On a Prayer from?

Slippery When Wet *Oh, and it's "Livin' On a Prayer", not "On a Prayer", dude/dudette.
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What album is I'll be there on?

"I'll be there" is the Jackson 5 song and it was released on the "Third Album".
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What albums does atreyu have?

Studio Albums Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses - 2001 The Curse - 2004 A Death-Grip on Yesterday - 2006 Lead Sails Paper Anchor - 2007 Congregation of the Damned - 2009 E ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in your Stardoll's album?

Your Stardoll album is a place to express yourself and your style. Here is some advice... Don't write about yourself. It's not a diary, and it will be prettyboring if it's j ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a album authenticated?

i have an old Queen lp.. that has typed liner notes and a photo.. and a few signatures.. how can i get it authenticated or certified
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What rhymes with albums?

This question was actually asked before, but with singular album, so i just copied and pasted this. Pluralise where appropriate. album ,jeroboam, Noam, Siloam,brougham,resid ( Full Answer )
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What album is yesterday on?

If you mean The Beatles Yesterday, then it's on Help. Its a GREAT song on a GREAT album
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What albums do tfk have?

Well, the guys as a band have released 7 albums to date, but one of them under the band name "Oddball." This release was called Shutterbug. Under the name Thousand Foot Krutch ( Full Answer )
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What is a DMD Album?

Somewhere in the depth of the internet I found the term "Digitalmusic distribution". Maybe this is what the abbreviation "DMDalbum" in album names stands for: An album for dig ( Full Answer )
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What albums does Nickelback have?

Curb (1996) . The State (2000) . Silver Side Up (2001) . The Long Road (2003) . All The Right Reasons (2005) . Dark Horse (2008)
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What albums does Kesha have?

kesha has only 3 albums 1.animal 2.cannibal 3.a remix album: i am the dance commander plus i command you to dance
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What are the Phish albums?

the white tape, junta, lawn boy, a picture of nectar, rift, hoist, stash, billy breathes, the story of the ghost, farmhouse, the skilet disc, round room, undermind, joy, and p ( Full Answer )
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What album is imagine on?

Imagine is John Lennon's second post-Beatles album (1971 release date). Imagine (the song) is song #1 on side one of the album.
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What album is deuces on?

Any album of hollywood undead and plus he has a new album called 9lives. it's amazing definetly should go and buy it.
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What are the albums by pink?

Funhouse I'm Not Dead Try This Missundaztood Can't Take Me Home Birdman i think that's all of them
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Which album was eminem 1st album?

This depends on your definition of album. The first source of original music by Eminem would be the 1996 Infinite album. It is the only album of Eminems that hasn't been giv ( Full Answer )
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How albums does Adele has?

Adele two albums the first one is called 19 and the second one is called 21
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What is albums 96?

I think it is spam on facebook.... Several places say it is from a hacker and do not go to the site, but I cannot confirm cuz Im not going to the site to find out