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What are the chemical tests to distinguish between cyclohexane and cyclohexene and alco what are the reactions involved?

the difference between cyclohexane and cyclohexene is the difference between an alkane and an alkene. Add bromine water to both samples. cyclohexane will remain orange. cycloh ( Full Answer )
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What was the stock price of Alco Standard Corp on June 16 1987?

I need to get Alco Std stock prices from March 24, 1969 through the sale to Ikon Office Solutions. Please advise how I can get this information. Ikon was bought by Ricoh and w ( Full Answer )
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What are the basic functions of ALCO?

The ALCO is a decision making unit responsible for balance sheet planning from risk -return perspective including the strategic management of interest rate and liquidity risks ( Full Answer )
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Is the Model Power ho scale Alco Century 430 Conrail 6740 a Tyco Century 430 sold by a different company?

Yes and No. When TYCO went out of the model railroading business in the 1980's they sold the plastic mold tooling to Model Power, who moved the manufacturing to Yugoslavia and ( Full Answer )
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How much to managers make at ALCO Stores Inc?

ALCO managers - Male $38,000 low end - $65,000 high end ALCO managers - Female $24,000 low end - $48,000 high end Strictly an "All Boys" network, NO females in any corporate ( Full Answer )
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What types of products do Alco Stores sell?

Alco stores sell a wide variety of general retail products. These include apparel, automotive goods, domestics, electronics, gifts, health and beauty products and many more.