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What are alder wood planks?

They are flat boards, about the size of a shingle, that often get used to grill fish.
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Is an alder tree a conifer?

Answer . No, an alder tree is not a conifer. While conifers are gymnosperms and are part of the Division Coniferophyta, alder trees are, in fact, angiosperms, otherwise ( Full Answer )
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How tall is an alder tree?

Alder Trees reach heights of approximately 80 feet. Alder Treesonly have a life span of about 150 years and are species in theBirch Tree family.
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Which wood is harder alder or agathis?

According to my research and personal experience, both alder and agathis are considered soft woods, but I believe alder is the harder of the two. But wood densities can vary g ( Full Answer )
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Has Jake alder got gta4?

yes he has and he has a xbox 360 premium and he plays with his friend harvey,tom, and david
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Who is Cal Alder?

He is the deck lieutenant in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He is the person who says, "Still no contact from Skywalker or Solo."
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What did Kurt alder invented?

Kurt Alder was a German chemist and Nobel laureate who lived in thefirst half of the 20th century. He studied in the University ofBerlin and later in the University of Kiel, a ( Full Answer )
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What is a Banded alder borer?

I found one in my yard an found the following link while searching on the net. banded alder .pdf Hope this helps.
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Is Alder a tree?

Yes most 'Alders' are trees, the black Alder and Red Alder grow to 30mtr tall deciduous trees however the Green Alder is classed as a large 'shrub' normally growing to about 5 ( Full Answer )
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How good is alder as firewood?

Alder is fine as firewood. It burns fine but it burns fast as it is not a very dense wood. Denser woods burn hotter and slower.
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What does alder mean?

Any of various deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Alnus, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having alternate simple toothed leaves and tiny fruits in woody ( Full Answer )
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Are banded alder borer's poisonis?

No in fact if its a nice specimin you should try selling it because retailers might like to buy them very much.
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What do Banded Alder Borer's eat?

Idk much... but I just found one down at the ranch :) From what I've heard adults eat flower's / seeds and what not... (they are not a pest) Larvae however eat dead wood, such ( Full Answer )
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Who is Alder Sherwood?

She is an actress and producer from Seattle WA. She is also known as the famous Cris McCarthy from the movie Timetravel_0.
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Do alder trees grow in Michigan?

Yes, they definitely grow in Michigan! You can usually find them near streams or rivers. I'm not sure which specific species grows in Michigan, though, just that there is some ( Full Answer )
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Kurt Alder contribution to science was?

The Diels-Alder reaction, which enabled chemists to make six membered rings in one step with high stereo control.
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Is alder wood expensive?

I have an alder coffee table from Ralph Lauren that was around $2000, so just going by price (although im sure the name added some), I would have to go with yes.
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Where does the name alder come from?

Alder is a variant of Alders. It is Dutch and means 'son of Aldert'. Aldert is made up of 'ald' meaning 'old', 'adal' meaning 'noble' and 'hard' meaning 'strong'.
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What are alders Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Accelgor Lv. 75 Boufallant Lv. 75 Escavalier Lv. 75 Volacarona Lv. 77 Druddigon Lvl. 75 And Vanilluxe Lvl. 75. I got this info from the offical strategy guide Volume 1, not ga ( Full Answer )
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What Pokemon does Alder have?

Accelgor (Lv. 75) Bouffalant (Lv. 75) Druddigon (Lv. 75) Vanilluxe (Lv. 75) Escavalier (Lv. 75) Volcarona (Lv. 77)
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How do you beat alder in pokemon black?

Use the best set up. His Pokemon are in the 70's so you will need up to level 80 pokemon. Most likely, you will need a fire type, and a dragon type. Reshiram, at least level 7 ( Full Answer )
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What do you do after you beat alder in Pokemon black?

Well if you beat elite four then beat alder then you must go to Cynthia (the sinnoh region champion) in undella town .when u go to undella town go left from the Pokemon cente ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat Alder in Pokemon white?

After defeating N you can go back to the Pokemon league and batle him.mHis Pokemon are at about level 75 so you should battle him with about pokemon in there lvl 80s or 90s.
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What Pokémon does alder have in Pokémon black?

Alder has a Accelgor Lv. 75, Boufallant Lv. 75, Escavalier Lv. 75, Volacarona Lv. 77 Druddigon Lvl. 75, and Vanilluxe Lvl. 75 But not in that order .
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How do you battle alder?

. Once you beat Ghestis the came will say The end and the credits and all that stuff. Now you are in your house, you fly to the Elite four and beat all four. when you go down ( Full Answer )
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What do you do on Pokemon white after you have defeated alder?

Depends if you only beat him once when his Pokemon around level 50's go train on route 12+ because once you come back after covering these rountes his Pokemon are in the 70's. ( Full Answer )
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How old is Jonathan Alder?

Jonathan Alder was born on September 17, 1773 and died on January 30, 1849. Jonathan Alder would have been 75 years old at the time of death or 241 years old today.
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What are alders Pokemon in Pokemon White?

Accelgor ♂ Bouffalant ♂ Druddigon ♂ Vanilluxe ♂ Escavalier ♂ Volcarona ♂ Level 75 Level 75 Level 75 Level 75 Level 75 Level 77 Hope this helps. ( Full Answer )
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Why is Alder the Champion?

it was simply chosen by the creators. It don't matter who it is and why, is just the circumstances.There are different champions in every Pokemon version .
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Is there a synonym for alder?

I don't think so, since alder is a tree. If you meant elder you could have older.
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What was the function of Hans Alders at EnergieNed?

Hans Alders is a Dutch politician. EnergieNed is a Dutch nonprofit involved in energy trading, production and supply. Hans Alders is the chair of EnergieNed.
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When did Thomas Alder die?

Thomas Alder died on May 6, 1968, in Munich, Bavaria, Germany of suicide by gas.
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What has the author Claudius Alder written?

Claudius Alder has written: 'Koordination und Integration als Rechtsprinzipien' -- subject(s): Equality of states, International law, Interpretation and construction, Law, S ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Eugen Alder written?

Eugen Alder has written: '100 Jahre Frauenchor M arstetten 1901-2001' -- subject(s): OUR Brockhaus selection, Musik