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If the Diels-Alder reaction between dimethylmaleic anhydride and furan had worked would cantharidin have been formed?

no. the answer why is listed in the text book macroscale and microscale organic experiments by williamson. I remember reading the reason there i just dont remember why. Yes, (MORE)
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What effect or phenomena is called alders in astronomy?

The only astronomical mentions my research turned up is that Alder is the name of an impact crater on the Moon. Here's the link to read about it: (MORE)
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Who is Kyla Alders?

One of the hottest girls I know. Nice...
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What are alders Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Accelgor Lv. 75 Boufallant Lv. 75 Escavalier Lv. 75 Volacarona Lv. 77 Druddigon Lvl. 75 And Vanilluxe Lvl. 75. I got this info from the offical strategy guide Volume 1, not ga (MORE)
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What is alders favarite Pokemon?

Probably Volcarona,but I dunno,do I? Afte all,he's just a ficticious character.
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What are alders Pokemon in Pokemon White?

Accelgor ♂ Bouffalant ♂ Druddigon ♂ Vanilluxe ♂ Escavalier ♂ Volcarona ♂ Level 75 Level 75 Level 75 Level 75 Level 75 Level 77 Hope this helps. (MORE)