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What does the name Alec mean?

Alec is a given name related to Alexander which means protector of men. the name originally came from eurasia..
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Who is Alec Tucker?

Alec Tucker is a Filmmaker from Illinois who makes really funny stuff here is a link to his stuff (MORE)
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What is an alec?

An alec is an anchovy or herring.
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Who is Alec Hogan?

A child actor who fails to act. Has been in one movie as of 2010; Amhurst. A terrible actor as well as snobby when working with him.
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Who is alec in newmoon?

Canadian actor Cameron Bright will play Alec in New Moon. Alec is a member of the dreaded Volturi and twin brother of Jane, who is played by Dakota Fanning.
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Who is Alec Salmond?

Alex Salmond, is First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party. For a number of years he has been judged the most popular politician in the country with (MORE)
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Who is alec in twilight?

Alec is a member of the volturi, a "royal" vampire clan. His gift is to cut of all senses, rendering his victim helpless, and his twin sister is Jane. He and is sister are sai (MORE)
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What did alec guiness suffer from?

Alec Guinness didn't suffer from any illnesses during his lifetime. But he died of liver cancer
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How old is Alec Mapa?

Alec Mapa is 51 years old (birthdate: July 10, 1965).
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How did alec and Jane die?

The twins were burning at the stale when Aro took his chance and saved them.The twins were only 14
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What is the organization ALEC for?

ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council. Theybelieve in limited government, free-market, and federalism.
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Who is a smart Alec?

We can't insult anyone here. If you need a definition-specify,
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Who is alec guiness?

Actor who played Ben Kenobi in first few Star Wars films