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What is black alge IN A POOL?

Black Algae grows in small spots generally up to about 40mm in size. It grows on pool surfaces and is very difficult to remove as it forms in layers when extra chlorine is add ( Full Answer )
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Is alge considered a plant?

Algae is a plant ... in the past they were all considered to share a common ancestor ( monophyletic ) so were all grouped in the Plant kingdom ... today they are thought to ha ( Full Answer )
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What is alge?

alge is the same as moss but is usally in water. Some types of fish can eat it
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What animals eat alge?

There are many animals that will eat algae from oceans andsaltwater lakes. The flamingo is one animal that makes a diet ofalgae on a daily basis.
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How do you remove aquarium alge from a spiral seashell?

Other than scrubbing with a brush that is small enough to get into the smaller spirals and using a bit of bleach I do not know how one would clean a spiral seashell. I have no ( Full Answer )
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What is the classification of alge?

Algae is classified based on it's molecular composition. It isplaced in the Kingdom eukaryotes with those who do not fit in theothers kingdoms.
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How do you get alge out salt systems pools?

Algae is algae. It grows in all swimming pool water - indoor, outdoor and it does not matter what type of filter or how the pool water is chlorinated or brominated. All pools ( Full Answer )
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Can you use bleach to remove alge in my pool?

Yes bleach does contain the same active ingredient as liquid chlorine commonly used in swimming pools but it is at a much lower concentration. Generaly for swimming pools we u ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when there is a lot of alge in your pool have shocked it but it doesnt help?

The whole process will take a few days to complete. Shock it again and hit it with algaecide at the same time. turn the pool filtration system of once the water has mixed abou ( Full Answer )
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How do you clean green alge in a pool?

Shock the pool - When the pool is extremely cloudy or there is a large amount of algae and/or other organic material, it will most likely need to be shocked. The amount of chl ( Full Answer )
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Is alge a carnivore?

Algae is a decomposer. it eats other things that don't harm anyone by them eating it.
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What eats periphyton alge?

It eats things like, fish, specifically the Sailfin Molly. And if you are doing this for a science project/paper about the everglades fool chart, then good for you.
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Have alge in pond need to get in to clean?

Generally you should remove the majority of green or red algae in a pond, for it could cause some serious problems. But if you have any algae eating fish (such as catfish), th ( Full Answer )
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Does alg exe represent an executable file?

Putting '.exe' after a file name means that it is an executable file. This means that it is a program that can run by its self. So, yes, exe does represent an executable file. ( Full Answer )