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What are aliens?

In science fiction, aliens are fictional organisms that did not originate on the planet earth. Sometimes the term is restricted to nonhuman intelligent species from other plan ( Full Answer )
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What is alienation?

In political theory, alienation is the Marxist concept that aworker can be separated from the tools he needs to do his work.This allows him to be exploited by members of other ( Full Answer )
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What is an alien?

An "alien" is someone who is not a citizen of their residentcountry. The US definition of citizenship relies on the person'splace of birth, and the nationality of his or her p ( Full Answer )
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Who are aliens?

The original meaning of the word means anyone who is not a citizen of your particular country. . A modern variation of the term refers to any intelligent life-form that is ( Full Answer )
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Are we aliens?

Answer: No, we are not aliens, but, if you came from another country to migrate from there to here, you are considered an alien. It doesn't actually mean that you came from an ( Full Answer )
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Where are Aliens?

Probably not on Earth or near it (at least as we would recognize them) but chances are there are thousands of alien species on distant worlds in the universe. They could be as ( Full Answer )
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What is aliens?

Aliens mean people who aren't from the country they are in. Some people use the word to mean "people from another planet", but in real life, no such people are known to exist. ( Full Answer )
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Am I an alien?

Absolutely.. If life in space to us are "aliens" - then to them, we're the aliens..

What can the aliens do?

If there is any alien life it could be cellular life forms, virus like life forms or human like life forms because scientists have already proved that those are the only life ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about the alien force aliens?

Alien X\n. \nAlien X is a mystery alien set to be introduced in "X Equals Ben Plus 2". He is only shown in silhouette.\n. \nBig Chill \n. \nBig Chill is a moth-like alien w ( Full Answer )

Do aliens exist from the movie alien?

Well, I am pretty sure that this film was completely made up so no; the aliens from that movie are not real. Scientists are still trying to find out whether there could be lif ( Full Answer )
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Is there Alien?

Why not? We're here. Who is to say that in the entire vast universe, only 1 to 2 (Earth and Mars) planets were formed capable of sustaining life? The odds are for the ex ( Full Answer )
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What about aliens?

Aliens love the Mall of America. For some reason, it has attracted many aliens. The Mall of America has become a destination for visiting aliens.
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Is there a such as a alien?

No. I guess that answers your question, if you mean the strange things in outer space but the term 'alien' can mean a foreigner.

Why are there no aliens?

There are aliens out there. See the related link. That is a very important question. There are billions of stars in the galaxy (and billions more galaxies) and many ( Full Answer )
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What if you are an alien?

if you an alien, you probably would be reading this, cause you are looking for some comfort. WEll come to my house so i can cut you open and take your brian and put it in my b ( Full Answer )
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Where is alien?

scientist says that aliens can be in space or on moon or mars or ........... . it will be in space somewhere because there will be planet like us.
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Where is an alien?

no one knows if aliens exist. personally I think that there is defiantly some other life some were in the Galaxy's!
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Who is an aliens?

An alien is a term used to describe a living organism that is not from planet Earth. The question you are asking does not use correct grammar. Aliens is a plural term, therefo ( Full Answer )

Where is aliens from?

If there are any they would not be from Earth Ans 2. There are lots of aliens and they are from Earth. Anyone you meet in your country who is not a citizen of your count ( Full Answer )
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Is there such this as aliens?

i i am going to side with the skeptics and the believers because it is possible that aliens exist 5 million light years away but there could also be none or some that failed t ( Full Answer )
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What if you are a alien?

If you were an alien then you wouldn't exist today. Scientists found that aliens existed 57 million years ago. But not today. So if you were an alien then you'd be dead right ( Full Answer )
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What can aliens do?

aliens have the power to probe people.which is basically diesect you. Now, let's get serious. There are no aliens known to exist, just a bunch of anecdotes, and no matter ( Full Answer )
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Will there be aliens?

most likely, because if you think about it, we can't be the only planet with living things on it in this whole entire universe. But they probably won't be green weird mutated ( Full Answer )
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How do you do in alien?

Strictly speaking, any language that is not your own is an alien language. No extra-terrestrial languages have been discovered.

Why is there aliens?

There has not been any evidence of alien life so I do not know what you are talking about.
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What are the aliens code in alien attack?

here is all the codes to ben 10 alien force alien attack codes : swampfire - kmah goop - nnrs jetray - aico echoecho - mthn humungousaur - bx10 brainstorm - ( Full Answer )

Can you get aliens to do me?

No. Since aliens do not appear to actually exist (somebody has to be the first form of intelligent life in the Universe, no reason to think it is not us), they cannot be gotte ( Full Answer )
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How do you alien birthpods baby out of the alien?

All you have to do is leave it in the freezer and the sort of sticky thing at the back will peal off and the baby's will come out when they are ready.There is extra goo in the ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do with the aliens?

Become friends, have a good time and hide him from the goverment seriously they are serious about that.
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What is a aliens?

Aliens are creatures that scientist believe that live up in space on the other planets and that they are described as green men and women
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Can there be an alien?

Modern scientists believe that it is very possible that there are aliens. Moreover, several religions affirm that aliens exist. Raëlism is probably the most prominent ( Full Answer )
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How do you be an alien?

if you are moving secretly to an place out of your country without your passport.

Is alien there?

The 'jury is still out' on this one. From a personal point of view - I refuse to believe we are the only planet in the entire universe that has life on it ! Just because w ( Full Answer )
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Is their are aliens?

There may be, but we do not know for certain. We have not yet madecontact with any.