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What is alienation?

In political theory, alienation is the Marxist concept that aworker can be separated from the tools he needs to do his work.This allows him to be exploited by members of other (MORE)

Who are aliens?

The original meaning of the word means anyone who is not a citizen of your particular country. . A modern variation of the term refers to any intelligent life-form that is (MORE)

What can the aliens do?

If there is any alien life it could be cellular life forms, virus like life forms or human like life forms because scientists have already proved that those are the only life (MORE)

Is there Alien?

Why not? We're here. Who is to say that in the entire vast universe, only 1 to 2 (Earth and Mars) planets were formed capable of sustaining life? The odds are for the ex (MORE)

Why are there no aliens?

There are aliens out there. See the related link. That is a very important question. There are billions of stars in the galaxy (and billions more galaxies) and many (MORE)

What if you are an alien?

if you an alien, you probably would be reading this, cause you are looking for some comfort. WEll come to my house so i can cut you open and take your brian and put it in my b (MORE)

Where is alien?

scientist says that aliens can be in space or on moon or mars or ........... . it will be in space somewhere because there will be planet like us.

What is a aliens?

Aliens are creatures that scientist believe that live up in space on the other planets and that they are described as green men and women