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What aliments are associated with carbohydrates?

Ailments that are associated with the consumption of carbohydratesinclude diabetes, hypoglycemia and galactosemia. Other complaintsworthy of mention include dental decay and l (MORE)
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One who treats aliments of the skin is a?

A dermatologist treats diseases of the skin. These doctors alsotreat disorders and cosmetic issues involving the scalp, hair, andnails.
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What is alimentation process?

the various changes which food undergoes during ingestion,digestion,absorbtion,assimilation and egestion in the alimentary canal is known as alimentation process.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Alimente - 1930?

The cast of Alimente - 1930 includes: Gerhard Dammann as Portier Breuer Anita Dorris as Anna Gerlach Lucie Englisch as Lissy Breuer Emma Klein as Margarethe Liebmann Margarete (MORE)