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Which is the contaminant soap alkyl benzene sulfonate or linear alkyl sulfonate?

"Which is the contaminant soap alkyl ben . Depending on the desired definition of the word "contaminant" Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate is more likely the answer.. Linear Alkyl S ( Full Answer )
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What is alkylation?

Alkylation is a chemical process involving carbon atoms. Inrefineries, this is done to add octane to gasoline by introducinghydrocarbons to the fuel.
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Sources and uses of alkyl halides?

There are a few naturally occurring alkyl halides which can be extracted from Crude Oil, but most are synthetically created.. There is a very detailed article on these compou ( Full Answer )
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What is Alkyl phenol ethoxlate?

Surfactants that are prepared by reaction of ethylene oxide with the appropriate alkyl phenol. These surfactants are cheap to produce but suffer from biodegradability and pote ( Full Answer )
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What does alkyl benzene smell and taste like?

I think it smells like bitter almonds......dont know about taste. Benzene is also a known human carcinogen, so caution should be taken when wafting the odor. As for tasting it ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of heavy alkyl benzene?

(1)Widely used as the base oil for frozen machine oil, electrical appliance oil, heat conducting oil or plasticizer (2)As fine material of detergent-dispersants which specia ( Full Answer )
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Why is alkyl amine more basic than ammonia?

Alkyl Amine is more basic than ammonia because of the +I effect of the Alkyl group present. It donates its electron cloud to the nitrogen group therefore nitrogen has a greate ( Full Answer )
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What is the pH of an Alkyl Halide?

The pH is almost always on acidic side (i.e. pH < 7). The reason being, some of the alkyl halides tend to decompose via beta hydride elimination process generating hydro-hal ( Full Answer )
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What is Alkyls?

It is a derivative of alkanes. General formula for alkanes is CnH2n+2. When -1 subtracted from H2n+2 ie.CnH2n+1 is obtained which is alkyl group.
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Synthesis of hexanal by use acetylene and alkyl halide?

Use sodium amide to deprotonate acetylene and react it with iodoethane (or equivilent) two times to form 3-hexyne. Use sodium amide again to "move" the triple bond to a termin ( Full Answer )
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Why alkyl halide on reaction with silver nitrile gives alkyl isonitrile but with potassium cyanide gives alkyl isonitrile?

KCN + RCl ------------>RCN + KCl : this is in aqueous medium. here K+ ions displace the less electropositive R+ ions and hence the rxn is a simple rxn of alkyl halides. AgC ( Full Answer )
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Why alkyl groups are o- and p- directing?

Because they donate the electrons to aromatic ring due to hyper conjugation (temporary bond breaking between carbon and hydrogen)
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What are alkyl diazonium salts?

Diazonium means, Di=2, azo=nitrogen and ium= +charge, so two nitrogen atoms having positive charge is a diazonium ion, when such ion is attached to alkyl group it is Alkyl dia ( Full Answer )
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Describe the uses of alkyl halide?

\nAlkyl halides such as Chlorofluorocarbons have also been widely used as refrigerants, propellants and solvents due to their low toxicity and high heat capacity.
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What are other examples of alkyl halides?

an example of Alkyl halides is R-X ( x represents any halogen) C2F4 is Teflon it is an example of Alkyl Halides
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What are the Five major types of alkylating agents?

ž Nitrogen mustards : such as mechlorethamine (nitrogen mustard), chlorambucil, Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), ifosfamide, and melphalan. ž. ž Nitrosoureas ( Full Answer )
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What is an alkylating agent?

An alkylating agent is a compound that's capable to replace a hydrogen for an alkyl group to a specific place on a molecule. Alkylating agents attacks mostly on a nitrogen, ox ( Full Answer )
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Why are alkyl halides insoluble in water?

Alkyl halides are insoluble in water though they are more polar than alkanes because they cannot form hydrogen bond with water but are soluble in other organic solvents as are ( Full Answer )
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What is structure of alkyl isocyanide?

R (triple bond) N (single bond) C R is an alkyl group. Nitrogen is positively charged. Carbon is negatively charged.
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Why alcoholic medium in reaction KCN and alkyl halide?

alcoholic medium is necessary because if it is aqueous then CN- will hydrolysis water to form HCN and OH-.Therefore there will be two nucleophile in aqueous CN- AND OH-.
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What are Alkylating drugs?

Alkylating drugs kill cancer cells by directly attacking DNA, the genetic material of the genes. Cyclophosphamide is an alkylating drug.
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Why Alkyl Halides are good for attacked by nucleufile?

This is a really great question that I often drill into my students heads. During the attack of an alkyl halide by a nucleophile, we see the electrons from the Nucleophile emp ( Full Answer )
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Why alkyl is less reactive than alkene?

An alkyl group is a saturated hydrocarbon. All bonds are single bonds between two carbons or a carbon and a hydrogen. These bonds are hard to break so alkyl groups are not ver ( Full Answer )