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If one has very mild emphysema what can one do to allay breathlessness?

Check this website under treatment Below is an answer related generally to mild emphysema. It is also help ( Full Answer )
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Allay used in a sentence?

The word "allay" means to calm someone down when they are experiencing an intense emotion, such as fear or anger. Here is an example sentence: The sponsors are very worried ( Full Answer )
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How to use the word allay in a sentence?

She was worried that I was going to steal her sandwich. But I allayed her fears by explaining that I had already eaten a dozen raw carrots. I hope these facts will allay your ( Full Answer )
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Where is tornado allay?

Tornado Alley is a swath through the middle of the U.S, from Texas up through North Dakota.
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How do you use the word allay?

You might say something like: "To allay your fears, I just wanted you to know that John promised to wear a helmet the next time he goes motorcycling, and to stick to the sp ( Full Answer )
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How old is Maurice Allais?

French economist Maurice Allais was 99 years old when he died on October 9, 2010 (birthdate: May 31, 1911).
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Is allay the sea christian?

Allay the sea is NOT a christian hardcore band. Allay the sea from Newcastle AUS are open to all religions and ethics but do not consider themselves as part of a particular re ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of allays in physics?

To reduce the intensity of; relieve: allay back pains. See Synonyms at relieve. . To calm or pacify; set to rest: allayed the fears of the worried citizens.
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Why do Muslims have to mention allays name at the beginning and end of meal?

Allah It's just like Christians and Catholics saying grace for a meal- they thank God for the food that's in front of them, and they are appreciative. This is what Muslims ( Full Answer )
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What does the word allay mean?

The word allay means to diminish or put to rest. Synonyms of the word include ease, relieve, soothe, or mollify. There is a different meaning for this word in the Hindu lang ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Denis Vairasse d' Allais written?

Denis Vairasse d' Allais has written: 'Histoire des Sevarambes' -- subject(s): Early works to 1800, Imaginary Voyages, Utopias, Voyages, Imaginary 'The history of the Seva ( Full Answer )