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What can you take WHEN YOU ARE alleric to anti-imflamatory?

Answer . There are different types of anti-infammatory medications. There are steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). Cortisone is a steroid. (MORE)

What does the French word 'aller' mean?

Aller (ah-lay) means "to go." Je vais (zhuh veh) means "I go." Tu vas (tew vah) means "you go." Il/Elle va (eel/ell vah) means "he/she goes." Nous allons (noo z (MORE)
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How do you treat alleric reactions to cherries?

I would definitely see a doctor right away! They only ones who can really help you and give you medicine for the reaction to the cherries!. Answer edited by Mark UK ---->. Th (MORE)

What is alleration?

a type of persuasive language Yes, a type of persuasive language. But specificly, it is using words that begin with all the same letters. Example, " A lly A lligator A te (MORE)

What is the French phrase 'Je veux aller' in English?

" I want to go ..." is an English equivalent of the French phrase " Je veux aller ... ." Specifically, the subject pronoun " je " means "I." The verb " veux " means "(I) am (MORE)

What has the author Wanda Allers written?

Wanda Allers has written: 'Sangamon County, Illinois naturalization records, 1862-1864' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Naturalization records 'Everly Chapel church records, 188 (MORE)