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What is 'bowling alley' in Italian?

Pista da bowling is an Italian equivalent of 'bowling alley'. In the word by word translation, the feminine gender noun 'pista' means 'track, course'. The preposition 'da' (MORE)
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Is there any bowling alleys in Africa?

"Are there any.." Yes, in some cities. For example, here is a place that has bowling and much, much more in Abuja, Nigeria (which is in Africa): (MORE)
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Why dont bowling alleys have windows?

It honestly depends where you go to bowl. I know some bowling alleys that do have windows and others that don't. You might not find a window directly next to a lane for obviou (MORE)
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How many bowling alleys are there in swindon?

There is only one actually in Swindon, but there is one in Fairford a few miles out of Swindon. The first one is based in Shaw, West Swindon, and is called Megabowl/Tenpi (MORE)
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Are bowling alleys covered by insurance?

yes they are. they need to be for when stupid people walk out onto the oil and slip over hitting their head when they land as well as people putting their hands down the ball (MORE)
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How do you alley-oop in nba 2k11?

On xbox 360 it's LT and B make sure the player is just close enough to the basket. You have to check other platforms because im no sure.
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What is a sentence using the word alleys?

Jack lived in a poor district of the city, and often saw homeless people crouched miserably in the alleys between ramshackle buildings.
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How do bowling alleys maintain their pins?

There are various techniques. They can be wiped down during periodic maintenance. They can be rotated periodically with a different set, prolonging life, much like the lifespa (MORE)
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Why are bowling alleys carpeted?

There isn't a specific rule that requires center to be carpeted, however it does provide a better way to minimize damp areas in the center that can get tracked on the soles of (MORE)
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What do bowling alleys cost to use?

Normally the rates will differ depending on the time of day you play, the day of week you play and the location/Country. In North America, most alleys offer much cheaper rates (MORE)
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Is the word alleys a noun or not?

Yes, the word 'alleys' is a noun , the plural formof the singular noun alley. The noun 'alley' is a common, concrete noun; a word for a narrowpassageway between or behind bu (MORE)
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Where are most tornado alleys located?

There is only one region that is known as Tornado Alley. It is onthe central plains of the United States. The the southeastern U.S.forms another tornado-forming region called (MORE)
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What states are tornado alleys?

The true Tornado Alley covers portions of the states of Texas,Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, and Missouri. Anothermajor tornado-forming region in the U.S. is Dixi (MORE)