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What is it all about?

Alfie? . it is what it is and what is what it is even if it is what , what is and what is what what it is do u no what i mean?
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Is this all there is?

No, there's much more. Keep your consciousness growing and open, and you'll find out!
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What is this all about?

There are many different things that this could be about. Thiscould be about animals, foods, or school for example.
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What is the answer to all?

42 is the answer to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe its true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask your teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THEY SAY NO THEN THEY'RE NOT TELL (MORE)
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What is all that?

All that is a Sketch comedy show that ended in 2005. It ran for 10 seasons. It launched the Careers of Kenan Thopmson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Amada Bynes, Nick Canno (MORE)
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What is we do it all for you?

\na movie. but it could also just mean the someone id doing something just for someone else to be happy.... \na movie. but it could also just mean the someone id doing some (MORE)
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Who answer all this?

the people of wikianswers idenatiy is secret . anyone that gets sined oon this can answer
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All and all of?

mybe it is ask your self
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What does the quote 'All in all is all we are' mean?

"All in all is all we are" means that you are what you are and you are who you are and you cannot change that!! So believe in yourself and you will soar like an eagle!! I b (MORE)
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What does the line 'all in all is all we are' mean?

This is from the Nirvana song All Apologies . Within context of the rest of the song, it seems to suggest the notion of "oneness," a non-dualistic, primarily Buddhist concept (MORE)
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All is or All are?

All are (proper English) , All is (Slang)
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All or all the or all of the?

It depends on what you want to say "They all got candy" "All the men fought bravely".
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Is it as should you all or as you all should?

Both are correct. Flexible word order used to be more common in English, and the phrase "as should you all," like the phrase "as do I," is an old fashioned one. It is used to (MORE)
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How can you get all the guys all over you?

Get big boobies and become everyone's slave. then, they will realize they can use u, and they will attempt to get all the attention u want!
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Is it all told or all tolled?

Sound-alike words can be very confusing. As you know, "told" is the past tense of "tell." "Tolled" is the past tense of "toll", which is the sound a bell makes when a clappe (MORE)
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Is it you are all or you all are?

it is the first watch in this sentence you are all her. you all are her. it sounds better plus my English teacher said it was you are all
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What does 0.00 all all all all mean?

I take 0.00 to mean "zero dollars" The word "all" is repeated four times, so it would be "for all" Since "zero dollars" basically means "free", the answer is: Free for all. (MORE)
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advanced lymphotic lukemia
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Where is all?

Where are rose department stores in Maryland
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What is an alle?

Alle is the German word for 'all' or 'all of' or 'all the'. As a persons name, it is a variant form of Alexandra meaning 'man's defender.