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What is the school's Alma Mater?

We've found a place boys where hearts are true. Best of them all, boys, one that will do. Our Alma High School, faithful is she. Guard and protect her, eternally.
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What is an alma mater?

It is Latin for fostering mother, and is commonly used to indicate a school attended or from which somone graduated.. it is a man that hates a person
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007 's alma mater?

After the death of his parents, he subsequently went to live with his aunt, Miss Charmian Bond, in the village of Pett Bottom who completed his early education. He later bri ( Full Answer )
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What is a Bird alma mater?

I think this is crossword puzzle clue, and probably refers to Larry Bird whose alma mater is Indiana State University.
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What are the lyrics to the Florida alma mater?

Florida, our Alma Mater, thy glorious name we praise All thy loyal sons and daughters, a joyous song shall raise. Where palm and pine are blowing, where southern seas as ( Full Answer )
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What is Julius Jones's alma mater?

According to, Julius Jones attended Powell Valley High School in Big Stone Gap, Virginia and went to college at Notre Dame.
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What is the Alma mater of five us presidents?

Nine Presidents never attended college: Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, A. Johnson, Cleveland, and Truman. The college that has the most presidents ( Full Answer )
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What was Jane Goodall's Alma mater?

Her Alma mater was the University of Cambridge. She earned her doctorate from this university in 1964.
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What is General Patton's Alma mater?

Patton attended Virginia Military Institute for one year, where he rushed VMI's chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order. He then transferred to the United States Military Academy (We ( Full Answer )
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Why the school we attended we called it alma mater?

It was first used in 1710 in the sense of "one's university or school" which came from British universities and made its way into America. It just means the college, universit ( Full Answer )
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What is Ralph bunche's alma mater?

Ralph Bunche graduated high school at Jefferson High School in LA, and then went to UCLA on an athletic scholarship. In 1927 Bunche graduated summa cum laude as class valedi ( Full Answer )
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What is 007 alma mater?

Ian Fleming, the creator of Bond, stated that Bond went to Eton boarding school, but then later got expelled from Eton. I believe almost nobody knows where Bond went to Colleg ( Full Answer )
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Do you italicize alma mater?

No, one does not. Though it's a Latin term, it is has been adoptedinto the English language and thus needn't be italicized as onewould other non-English language words. In con ( Full Answer )
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What are words to Alma Mater of Notre Dame?

Alma Mater (Notre Dame Our Mother) Notre Dame Our Mother, tender strong and true, proudly in the heavens gleams thy gold and blue, glory's mantle cloaks thee, golden is thy ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word alma mater?

You would use the term alma mater like this, 'I went back to see myalma mater.' Alma mater means a university or school that you haveattended in the past.
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Is alma mater capitalized?

Only when referrin to the song of your school. When referring to the school one graduated from it is lowercase
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Use alma mater in a sentence?

All of the graduates participated in singing the school's Alma Mater at graduation, as to show their appreciation and pride in their school. Tom: "Hey Jane, where did you ( Full Answer )
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What is the Alma mater at Tennessee state university?

In the lad of golden sunshine by the cum'lands fertile shore stand a school for greatest service One that we adore Alma Mater how we love thee love thy white and blue May we ( Full Answer )
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Do you capitalize alma mater?

Only when referring to your school in a song. At any other point, it remains lower case.
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What is Ross Perot's alma mater?

He graduated form the United States Naval Academy in 1953. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click under the related links section (Wi ( Full Answer )
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What is the Atwater High School alma mater?

Atwater High our Alma mater Loyal sons are we Proud to service in thy name True to thee we'll be Faithful, loyal, firm and true Though from you we'll stray Atwater ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for alma mater?

I think he had not realized his proximity to his old alma mater . Answered By: Jason Liu
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What is the Alma mater at lane college?

"Fair Lane" I Fair Lane, we love thee, love thee well It is of thee we love to tell, .... Of friendly years of College life, Of College years with pleasure rife; O ( Full Answer )
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What is Gerald Ford's alma mater?

Ford was a graduate of the University of Michigan. He also got a law degree from Yale.
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What was Roald Dahl's alma mater?

St. Peters School Repton Roald went to school in many places. He started at Llandaff Cathedral School in Wales. He then went to St. Peter's. When he asked which school he ( Full Answer )
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What country did the word Alma mater originated?

Alma mater was used in ancient Rome as a title for various mother goddesses,especiall Ceres or Cybele, and in Christianity for the Virgin Mary
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What is James bond alma mater?

According to the Ian Fleming novels, James Bond was educated atEton, and later Fettes College. In the films however, it seems tobe alluded that Bond went to Oxford instead.
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What country did the Alma Mater come from?

It is a Latin phrase meaning bountiful mother, referring to the school, college or university at which one has studied
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What is the alma mater at Delaware state university?

It would appear that Delaware state University uses the Penn State alma mater, at least when it comes to sports (ie Football). It goes as follows: For the Glory of Old State ( Full Answer )
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Where does the word alma mater originate?

It was a term used in Ancient Rome as a title for Mother Goddesses, and later in Christianity for the Virgin Mary
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What country does the alma mater word originate?

The words are from Latin meaning Bountiful Mother, a title given to Goddesses. Subsequently applied to one's University or School in England from the early 1700's in the sense ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Alma Mater - 2002?

Alma Mater - 2002 was released on: USA: 12 October 2002 (Austin Film Festival) USA: 17 October 2002 (Hamptons International Film Festival) (premiere) USA: 10 March 2003 ( Full Answer )
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What is the Alma mater at the University of Tennessee?

On a hallowed hill in Tennessee Like Beacon shining bright The stately walls of old UT Rise glorious to the sight. . So here's to you old Tennessee, Our Alma Mater true We pl ( Full Answer )