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What is mater?

see below for "Mater" Answer In general, matter is anything that has mass and occupies space . That is a simplistic definition, but it is a great place to start in (MORE)
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What is Dura Mater?

Dura matter is tough outer coat on the brain. Inside it you have arachinoid matter. Innermost is pia matter. Outer coat of dura matter goes along with the inner layer of skull (MORE)
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How do you spell mater?

The word "mater" is the Latin word for mother (also used anatomically ). The word "matter" is the term for a physical, tangible material.
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What the mater with Webkinz?

Did you mean the matter? Well people, usually young kids, like it. It is a site where they can play the games, and interact with other people around the world.
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What is the pia mater?

most superficial layer of the meninges, covers the brain and spinal cord Pia mater is the delicate innermost vascular layerof the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal (MORE)
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States of mater?

otay otay boisnd jei keol mera
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What is mater in latin?

Mater is mother in English. FYI, the genitive of mater is matris . Hope this helps. .
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What is a liquid mater?

A liquid matter is matter which particles are sliding along each other providing a little space from each other that lets it take the shape of its container.
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Is there dark mater?

The evidence for the existence of dark matter -- matter with mass that does not emit light -- is overwhelming.
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Who voices mater?

If you're talking about the dude from the movie Cars, then the answer is Larry the Cable Guy.
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Does electricity have mater?

Yes, maters exist in electricity. A good example is the one you use to plug an appliance into the wall. Electricity is the momement of electrons. Electrons are matter.
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What is mater intermerata?

It is a typo. This latin part of the song "hail holy queen" (e.g. as sung in "sister act") has suffered from tradition - it has been copied by non-latin speakers at least onc (MORE)
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What is in the dura mater?

The dura mater contains six major venous sinuses that drain the cerebral veins and several smaller sinuses
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Is mater awesome?

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Who is mater in cars2?

mater is lighting McQueen's best buddy and a ( British spy)
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What is matering?

Male models catering as a second job for some extra cash.