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What are the uses of an almanac?

Almanacs are books filled with information. The first person to write an almanac was Benjamin Franklin (the Poor Richards Almanac). Almanacs contain important dates, weather, ( Full Answer )
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Why is the GMT the time used in almanac?

Answer . Since the collection and review of weather information is of international concern, and agreed upon time zone, Z or Zulu time, meaning GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or ( Full Answer )
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What is an almanac?

n. . An annual publication including calendars with weather forecasts, astronomical information, tide tables, and other related tabular information. . A usually annual refer ( Full Answer )
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Use of almanac?

Historically, almanacs have been used to predict lunar and planetary phenomena, changes in seasonal weather and weather prediction. Modern almanacs may include a comprehens ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of almanac?

An almanac is a publication that comes out yearly. It is aprediction of tides, weather, dates for farmers to plant crops,astronomy data and various and other statistics.
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What is an almanac used for?

An almanac is a book of facts and is often the first place areference librarian will check.
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What is the merchants gargling oil almanac?

This was an almanac published by the Merchants Gargling Oil Company advertising the wonderful effects of Merchants gargling Oil for the use of farmers, planters, merchants, me ( Full Answer )
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What is in an almanac?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says an almanac is . a book published every year that contains facts about the movements of the sun and moon, changes in the tides, and inform ( Full Answer )
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Who created the Farmers Almanac?

The first Farmers Almanac was issued by Hesiod in about 700BC. It gave information on when to plough and when to harvest. The best wood to make a plough, how to choose a wife. ( Full Answer )
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Who wrote the famous almanac?

Poor Richards Almanac was printed and sold by Benjamin Franklin. Philadelphia, between the years 1732 and 1758
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Why was poor Richards almanac important?

It was the best seller in the American Colonies from its first publication in 1732 until its close in 1758. Print runs reached 10,000 a year. It was translated into Italian, F ( Full Answer )
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Is an almanac fiction or nonfiction?

It should be nonfiction, but predictions do not always turn out to be accurate and some may think there is an element of fiction involved trying to imagine what may happen in ( Full Answer )
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What does an almanac contain?

actually an almanac is an annual publication .an example of an almanac is the 1991 filways philippine almanac is arranged in 12 chapters.each chapters correspond to a calendar ( Full Answer )
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Who published the old farmers almanac?

The Old Farmers Almanac, or The farmers Almanac as it was first named and published, was edited by Robert Thomas, the publications founder, 1792
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Who invented the Almanacs?

The original of the Almanac can be traced back to the Babylonian civilization when lists of planetary periods were procuced. Ptolomey, the Alexandrian astronomer of the 2nd Ce ( Full Answer )
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What is the use of almanac?

Almanacs are reference books that are published yearly. Examples are the World Almanac and Book of Facts,New York Times Almanac and Time Almanac. Still,some are used to predic ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of a almanac?

it a document that contains a list of the days and months, data about the movements of the sun and moon, indication of feasts and holidays and other miscallaneous information. ( Full Answer )
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What is culinary almanac?

It is (or was) a calender of recipes suggesting suitable foods for the seasons of the coming year
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What does 'almanac' mean?

An almanac is a sort of annotated calendar, with information on the anticipated weather, phases of the moon and other interesting information.
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What does the index of an almanac tell you?

in the index of a almanac you can find sporting events,you can find when presidents died,who the fastiest person in the world is and when states were admitted.
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What is the Baseball Almanac?

The Baseball Almanac contains awards, records, stats, quotes, feats, facts and a lot of baseball history. Its goal is to preserve the history of baseball, similar to the Hall ( Full Answer )
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Is an almanac a thesaurus?

No. An almanac is a sort of `ready reference`for things like long-term weather forecasts and basic facts. A thesaurus is a book of antonyms and synonyms.
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What are the characteristics of a almanac?

It is an annual publication containing a calender for the coming year, details of events such as anniversaries, sunrise and sunset, phases of the moons and tides. Any other st ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word almanac in a sentence?

"You can check out that almanac for 7 days then you must return it." "In the days before technology, farmers would consult an almanac to determine what weather might be comin ( Full Answer )
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What does Almanac mean?

A yearly calender with notes about coming events and information about tides, weather, planting, etc.
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What is a clog almanac?

InfoPlease site says a Clog Almanac is: "A primitive almanac or calendar, originally made of a "clog," or log of wood, with four faces or parallelograms, the sharp edge of ( Full Answer )
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How do you look up things in an Almanac?

you go to like the one you get on an you will fine out the answer because this is the only best web page that will help you out with your homework and other things ( Full Answer )
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Is the almanac published every day?

No the almanac is published every week. If they still do not publish them, all i can say is they they used to publish them every week. If the answer is wrong I'm very sorry, b ( Full Answer )
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Why was the almanac invented?

The origins are from ancient Babylonian astronomy, when tables of planetary periods were created to predict lunar and planetary events.
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Is WikiAnswers an almanac?

No, WikiAnswers is not an almanac. It is a website, more specifically a Question & Answer website. WikiAnswers permits the community to co-construct answers.
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Who did invent almanacs?

Benjamin Franklin published a very popular one, the Poor Richard'sAlmanac, although I don't know if it was the first.
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WHAT are the advantages for an almanac?

Why would I need an almanac? They are full of geographic and historical information from all over the world. This is where you will find out facts such as the longest river ( Full Answer )
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What information can you find in almanac?

An almanac will generally list the times of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, and sometimes tide tables. They usually have some long-range weather forecasts - which ar ( Full Answer )
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Who is best known for publishing an almanac?

All depends what country - Old Moore's or Whitakers in the UK. Old Farmer's or the New York Times in the US. Enkhuizer in the Netherlands. Barbanera in Italy, Canadian ( Full Answer )