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Differences between almanacs and yearbooks?

Historically an Almanac contained astonomical and astrological information such as the phase of the moon, high tides, which parts of the body were supposed to be affected by w (MORE)
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Are almanacs similar to year books?

A Yearbook generally represents a record of the achievements of the past year of a school commonly found in the USA and Canada. India, Australia and South Africa have some p (MORE)
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Who became wealthy by publishing almanacs in the US and Europe?

Most definitely would be Benjamin Banneker. But he didn't get very wealthy at all. After his death in 1806, a substantial amount of myths came about that exaggerated his accom (MORE)
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Who invented the Almanacs?

The original of the Almanac can be traced back to the Babylonian civilization when lists of planetary periods were procuced. Ptolomey, the Alexandrian astronomer of the 2nd Ce (MORE)
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What is tha meaning of almanacs?

It is an annual production containing a calender for the coming year, the times of events, sunrises and sunsets. Phases of the moon and tides, astromonical and meterogical inf (MORE)
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What does 'almanac' mean?

An almanac is a sort of annotated calendar, with information on the anticipated weather, phases of the moon and other interesting information.
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Who did invent almanacs?

Benjamin Franklin published a very popular one, the Poor Richard'sAlmanac, although I don't know if it was the first.