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Can you give me an example of the declamation piece titled Alms Alms Alms?

The declamation piece, or soliloquy, beginning with "Alms, Alms,Alms. Spare me a piece of bread" is a popular choice for speechstudents or competitors. It is called "Vengeance (MORE)

What are alms?

Any monies or goods given voluntarily to aid the poor and the needy. Alms can also include such help as advice, love and other emotional aids as are needed.
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What is alms in Islam?

Alms means charity. In Islam, we call that zakat. It is obligatory to give away 2.5% of one's revenue & savings and 10% of one's income to the poor. If one is poor and cannot (MORE)

What does auf der alm mean?

"Alm" is a pasture high up in the Alps. Cattle are taken to the "Alm" to graze there in summer. Usually you have a cabin for the herdsman, called "Almhütte". The herdsman o (MORE)
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Is alms nice?

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Why is alms giving important to Catholics?

Roman Catholic Answer Alms giving (giving of material or financial assistance to a needy person or cause, prompted by charity is now recognized as one of the principal for (MORE)
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What is the Islams alms-giving?

it is called zakat. refer to question below. Answer: There are two forms of almsgiving. One is the yearly, obligatory Zakat. The other is simply called Sadaqah (voluntary (MORE)
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What is an alms house?

aims house are charitable housing provided to people or elderly who can no longer work to pay rent
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Is alms countable?

No, the noun 'alms' is a plural uncountable noun, it has nosingular form.