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What does aloe do to your hair?

Answer . aloe makes your hair strong , thick and healthly. its also a good moisterizer. its great for the face too and acne. use the white jelly from the aloe and evenly s ( Full Answer )
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What is aloe vera?

Aloe Vera comes from an Arabic word 'alloeh', which means bitter. It has been in use since ancient times for healing infections and burns Answer Aloe vera is a desert lily, ( Full Answer )
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Where does the aloe vera originate from?

Aloe Vera is a particular species of Aloe. It originated in EasternAfrica and Mediterranean regions. The plant is used mostly in usagefor cosmetics.
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Is aloe commercially grown?

Aloe is commercially grown in several countries around the world.These countries include South America, Central America, Asia, andAfrica.
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Is aloe vera good for acne?

Yes it is bcuz i use it everyday an everbody says my face glows like an angel
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What is an aloe?

Aloe is a short-stemmed succulent plant with thick fleshy green leaves. The leaves have a serrated margin with spiny teeth like margins. The flowers are pendulous, tubular and ( Full Answer )
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How is aloe harvested?

Workers in an Aloe Vera farm harvet Aloe from the Aloe Vera plant. First the worker cuts off a spine of the plant and then squeezes out the gel into a bucket. Then the gel is ( Full Answer )
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What does aloe do for the face?

Aloe can be used on the face to treat skin dryness, acne and other scars and burns.
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What is an aloe plant?

Otherwise names aloe vera, it can be used for medicines, and etc It's full of water, like cactus, spines, no leaves..
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What is the Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is an American species of Aloe, which are succulent leaved plants in the family Asphodelaceae of the kingdom Viridiplantae
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What is aloe used for?

Aloe vera used to heal skin wounds. . Aloe vera plant is used to heal burn. . Helps in speeding recovery time after surgery. . Aloe vera gel is used on blisters. . Aloe ( Full Answer )
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Is aloe and aloe vera different?

Aloe is a genus of approx. three hundred plants, a few of which are traditionally used medicinally. Aloe vera is a species of the genus Aloe and is probably the widest known o ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between Aloe Ferox and Aloe Vera and where can you get Aloe Ferox products?

A comparison of the chemical composition of Aloe ferox and Aloe vera was performed based on values available in the literature (Femenia 1999, Mabusela 1990). It must be no ( Full Answer )
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Is aloe edible?

Aloe gel is not edible as such but it is prescribed in Ayurveda to eat as a medicine
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Where do aloe grow?

This is from wikipedia: Aloe , also written Aloë , is a genus containing about four hundred species of flowering succulent plants. The most common and well known ( Full Answer )
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How does aloe reproduce?

I believe aloe produces rhizomes that extend beneath the soil from the parent plant, and emerge to begin growing a 'pup' . The new plants may be separated from the parent plan ( Full Answer )
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Why is aloe good for you?

It helps your sunburn Aloe is good for you because research has shown that it contains about 75 compounds that have been grouped under the following - vitamins, minerals, ( Full Answer )
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Should aloe plants be grown with other aloe plants?

yes because they grrow well and big like that and if you want to grow 5 plants so dig a 1inch big hole put all seeds there and water it tHEY WILL GROW very nicely in about 4 w ( Full Answer )
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Do Aloes have black thorns?

aloes normally have short, hard (sometimes black) spines on the leaves and sometimes the stems - although they cannot really be likened to black thorns
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How can you get aloe vera?

Aloe Vera is a type of plant found in any gardening shop and in some plant areas of hardware stores :)
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Where are aloe vera plants located?

Aloe Vera grows all over the world. Forever Living Products is the largest producer of Aloe in the world and most of their plantations are in the Dominican Republic.
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Is aloe grown in Aruba?

Yes , aloe is grown in Aruba. It's one of Aruba's chief agricultural products. Aloe was first planted in 1850. It thrives in the poor soil and low rainfall that characterize t ( Full Answer )
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What domain does aloe vera belong to?

The aloe vera is a plant, and all plants belong to the taxonomicdomain of Eukarya, which are characterised by having cells withnuclei. Eukarya covers all organisms in the King ( Full Answer )
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What medical products have Aloe Vera in them?

Burn products, skin moisturizers, and some oral products have Aloe Vera in them. There are various companies that develop these products. You can go on Google search to find t ( Full Answer )
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Can child drink natural aloe?

Yes, children can drink aloe vera juice or gel but make sure it is stabilized and 100% pure. My son was 3 weeks old when I start giving him a few drops daily for his colic ( Full Answer )
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How aloe vera grows?

Aloe vera grows by vegetative propagation. Oh, sorry earlier I said something incorrect. Actually, Delinser is corret. I missed out a word. Delinser : Aloe vera grows by good ( Full Answer )
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What is the aloes pill used for?

The principal use of aloes is as a purgative in habitual constipation due to a torpid condition of the large intestine. The aloes coats the intestine, bringing on a painful cr ( Full Answer )
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What is botanical name for aloe?

Aloe is the genus name for the Aloe plant, the species name is entirely dependant on what species it is!
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How do you use it alo vera in medicinal?

For digestive complaints such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ulcers, acidic stomach. Burns on the skin.
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Do you have aloe vesta?

You can't buy Aloe Vesta from WikiAnswers. This is a question and answer website, not a store. You can buy it at though.
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What is aloe used for-?

Aloe is used to help those with mild burns, and those who have asunburn. Some also use it to help treat eczema.