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Who are alpha kappa alpha brothers?

While some people consider the men of Alpha Phi Alpha to be the brothers of Alpha Kappa Alpha (due to both organizations being the first founded for African-Americans), Alpha ( Full Answer )
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How to do the Alpha kappa alpha handshake?

Do you really think a member would tell you a true answer? If you want to know pledge, but by the way your asking this your to much of a GDI to be a real Pike
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Alpha phi alpha grip?

The Grip begins with your thumb. Firmly press your thumb between the other persons thumb and pointing finger. Retract your thumb, as if to throw up the sign, and put it back d ( Full Answer )
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What is an Alpha Pair?

An "Alpha pair" is the dominant breeding pair in a pack of animals. This is usually a normality in wolf packs. Only the alpha female and alpha male are allowed to have offspri ( Full Answer )
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What is the alpha kappa alpha handshake?

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was founded in 1908. Women in thissisterhood go through an initiation period where history,traditions, and rites are learned. If there is a sp ( Full Answer )
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Who are the founders of alpha kappa alpha?

It was founded in Jan. 15, 1908 at Howard University in Washington, DC. It was founded by a group of nine students led by Ethel Lyle. The funny thing about this is that im not ( Full Answer )
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What is the Alpha phi alpha prayer?

O Lord may the true spirit of the fraternity rule our hearts, guide our thoughts and control our lives so that we may become through thee servants of all.
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What is the grip for alpha phi alpha?

Most fraternities and sororities have a secret handshake or grip.The men of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity greet each other with a gripthat is not revealed to the public.
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Is alpha kappa alpha masonic?

Alpha Kappa Alpha technically is NOT Masonic considering that only men can be Masonic, but considering that Ethel Hedgemen Lyle was dating George Lyle (Beta Charter member of ( Full Answer )
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Where is Alpha Phi Alpha located?

Alpha Phi Alpha was stated in 1906 at Cornell Univerity.. The fraternity expanded when second and third chapters were chartered at Howard University and Virginia Union Univer ( Full Answer )
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Why join alpha phi alpha?

A fraternity provides you with opportunities to socialize. ALSO Because its like a DRUG. . .IT Keeps CALLING M and CALLING and CALLING
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What alpha phi alpha handshake?

You get your thumb and pointing finger and wrap it around the wrist of the other brother, this symbolizes the chain of brotherhood that must not be broken. After that its just ( Full Answer )
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What is the alpha phi alpha train?

This is the Alpha's signature move where one leg raises and the arms move up and down simultaneously This move is the personification of a trains locomotion. It was derived fr ( Full Answer )
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What is alpha kappa alpha motto?

History of AKRHO 1972 . On October 1, 1971 Delta Kappa Rho was founded, but on August 8 1972 Delta Kappa Rho was changed by the name of ALPHA KAPPA RHO ordered by the mother ( Full Answer )
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How it is Alpha detected?

coefficent of linear thermal expansion and it is aray formed by pasing alight throug radioactive substance
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What can alpha penetrate?

If you mean the Alpha radiation, then it can penetrate very little; barely a few cm's in the air as it is a helium nucleus.
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What do you do in the ruins of alpha?

Solve the puzzle in one of the caves. This will release 6/24 unowns. There are 4 caves with puzzles. 1 of the cave entrances will have a cavern with wall drawings that is fill ( Full Answer )
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Who are the alpha angels of alpha phi alpha fraternity if the alpha kappa alpha?

The Alpha Angels Inc was founded in December 4 1962 by 7 Founders of Alpha Phi Alpha in which there are 4 Angels that was the beginning of little sisters of the Alpha Phi Alph ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Minecraft alpha?

You have to buy it but it Just went in beta its more money :( But classics free Its still fun. :D
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What is the Alpha constant?

I presume mean the "fine structure constant," which is abbreviated as alpha. It is the ratio of the square of the electric charge, divided by Planck's Constant and the speed ( Full Answer )
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What is Minecraft alpha?

Minecraft Alpha is the Creative building Minecraft game. All the materials are infinite, blocks are broken instantly, there are no items, you cannot die and the map is fixed ( ( Full Answer )
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Which is alpha and which is omega from alpha and omega?

If your talking about the animated wolf movie that came out on DVD January 11, the alpha is the tanish brown wolf called Kate.Other alphas are Garth,Winston,Tony,Eve and more. ( Full Answer )
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What is alpha absorbed by?

Since alpha is a Helium nuclei, consisting of two protons and two neutrons, with an atomic mass of 4 and a charge of +2, it interacts very easily. As such, it can be stopped w ( Full Answer )
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What does alpha-hydroxy do?

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are use in topical skin care products to exfoliate, or slough away, dead skin cells and promote collagen growth.
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What do alpha blockers do?

Alpha blockers help lower blood pressure by causing vasodilation, meaning an increase in the diameter of the blood vessels, which allows blood to flow more easily.
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Did alpha phi alpha have canes?

Yes, on the Campus of Memphis University Alphas were pictured with canes in the 1942.
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What is BBC alpha?

BBC Alpha is a children's channel for small children and toddlers, broadcast via satellite. It uses story-telling and word-games to help small childrren learn to form words an ( Full Answer )
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Are alphas real?

Yes. They are the controling factors of our population. These differences, when recognized, inspired madmen to eugenics and later meld minds like hilter. Yes, there are.
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What is an alpha paricle?

A helium nucleus is an alpha particle, an object made of two protons and two neutrons but no electrons.
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How do you get alpha for Minecraft?

You cant unless you downgrade your minecraft.jar look up a tutorial or something on or youtube
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What is Alpha Aquarii?

Alpha Aquarii (Sadalmelik) is a single star in the constellation Aquarius. It has a spectral glass of G2. It will have the colour yellow but is not on the main sequence. ( Full Answer )
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How are kappa alpha psi and alpha kappa alpha related?

"they are two of the black historical fraternity and sorority that were founded in January 1911." That is an incorrect answer! Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded January 1 ( Full Answer )
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What is an alpha and what is a beta?

the alpha are the highest ranking wolves in the pack they are the only ones to mate and the beta are the middle ranking wolves in the pack they arw treated pretty fairly they ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of alpha?

Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet, corresponding to our "A". It gets its name from the Semitic, which we can see in the Hebrew name for the same letter: "aleph". ( Full Answer )
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What is a alpha?

An alpha is a dog/wolf that is a leader or hunter of a pack. Like in the movie "Alpha and Omega, omegas are wolfs that are not pack born. Alphas and Omegas can be male or fe ( Full Answer )