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What is an alpha helix?

An alpha helix is a type of secondary structure in proteins. Theother type is the beta pleated sheet.
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What is a double helix?

The coiled structure of double-stranded DNA in which strands linked by hydrogen bonds form a spiral configuration, with the two strands oriented in opposite directions.
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What is the double helix?

A double helix is often referred to as a "twisted ladder." It consists of two spirals bound together.
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How do you find out the length of alpha -helix and beta -helix?

This is quite simple. Using stoichiometry to keep track of units, simply take the number of amino acids in the particular alpha helix and multiply by 15 angstroms. This is the ( Full Answer )
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Who found the helix?

if you mean the double helix in DNA..... In 1953, based on X-ray diffraction images [123] taken by Rosalind Franklin and the information that the bases were paired, James ( Full Answer )
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What is a Helix shape?

A helix is a spiral and may be relatively flat or may have considerable height as well. Named from the shell. Even a screw thread is considered a helix.
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Which structure of protein is more stable alpha helix or beta sheetwhy?

It depends on the primary sequence of amino acids as to which secondary structure is more stable. Both structures use hydrogen bonds to stabilize the structures, however in an ( Full Answer )
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What is pie helix?

MS says : First of all.......... it is pi-helix and not pie-helix....(how much i knw) The pi helix is an extremely rare secondary structural element in proteins. Hydrogen bon ( Full Answer )
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What is a DNA Helix?

Hi, The DNA Helix is simply another name for DNA, and such name is used because DNA is in a double helix shape. The DNA is what determines who you are and therefore is found i ( Full Answer )
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Functions of alpha helix proteins?

The alpha-helix will plays an important role in terms of the shape and structure of the final protein. Since it orientates theamino acids, such as the functional group (or ( Full Answer )
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What are the differences between alpha helix and beta pleated sheet?

1. Alpha Helix . rod like . CO & NH of the mainchain are hydrogen bonded together, allowing the mainchain to be buried . n+4 H bonding scheme . all alpha carbons are H ( Full Answer )
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What is a helix fossil?

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What do you do with a helix fossil?

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What is the the double helix?

It's the shape of the DNA molecule, a pair of parallel helices intertwined about a common axis.
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What do you do with the helix fossil?

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What is hedera helix?

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How does collagen helix differs from alpha helix?

A collagen helix is less compact (because it goes into triple helices), and it is a left-handed helix.\n\nAn alpha helix is more compact and hence requires more rotation of bo ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with the helix fossil?

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Alpha helix is what type of protein structure?

An alpha helix is referred to as being the secondary structure of a protein. The beta pleated sheet is also a secondary protein structure.
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What is the helix of the ear for?

Your entire outer ear is designed to funnel sound into the inner ear, and the helix is just a particular part of it.
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What are helix proteins?

There are no known proteins such as helix proteins. Alpha helix is a secondary structure element found in proteins that formed by amino acids which can form helix. Other secon ( Full Answer )
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What is the helix of a wire?

A helix is a 'loose spiral' rather than a tightly wound spiral. Often used in vacuum tubes to amplify an electron beam.
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What is a helix screw?

A helix screw is just a regular everyday screw. Most screws have a helix spiralled thread that allows the screw to imbed itself in whatever is being attached to something else ( Full Answer )
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What is the alpha helix of DNA made up off and suported by?

The back bone is made up of Deoxyribose sugar and a Phosphate group. The centre is made up of 1 of 4 bases, thymine, adenine, guanine and cytosine. DNA is made up of two helix ( Full Answer )
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What is a alpha?

An alpha is a dog/wolf that is a leader or hunter of a pack. Like in the movie "Alpha and Omega, omegas are wolfs that are not pack born. Alphas and Omegas can be male or fe ( Full Answer )
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Why is DNA referred as an alpha helix?

The DNA helix is formed by the hydrogen bonding of the oxygen inthe carboxyl group on one amino acid and the hydrogen in the aminogroup of the second amino acid. William Astb ( Full Answer )
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Definition of helix?

An object having a three-dimensional shape like that of a wirewound uniformly in a single layer around a cylinder or cone, as ina corkscrew or spiral staircase.