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What is the alphabet?

The alphabet is a series of letters that is used to form words. The term comes from the Greek letters alpha and beta . The "Latin" or "Roman" alphabet, as used in the US an ( Full Answer )
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Why is the alphabet called the alphabet?

"Alpha" and "beta" are the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. The word "alphabet" came into Middle English from the Late Latin word Alphabetum , which in turn origi ( Full Answer )
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Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order?

The earliest evidence of letter order is from Ugarit, circa 13th century BCE. There were two main alphabets, consisting of 22 and about 30 letters. The 22-letter alphabet ( Full Answer )
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Who developed an alphabet?

Even though our modern 26 letter alphabet is called the Roman alphabet, the Romans did not invent it. They simply refined and polished a system of written language that had be ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of the alphabet?

The first entirely phonetic writing system was created (or at least promoted) by the Phoenicians. It was a 22 consonant alphabet, also called an "abjad" because it had no vowe ( Full Answer )
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Manchu alphabet to English alphabet?

The Manchu alphabet was commissioned in 1599 by the Manchu leader Nurhaci (1559-1626), the founder of the Manchu state. The letters are based on the Classical Mongolian alphab ( Full Answer )
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Is english's alphabet is a phonetic alphabet?

NO WAYYY!!! Phonetic alphabets are ones that sound like they are spelled eg. knight (if phonetic) would be spelled nit or nite. The english language is one of the hardest lang ( Full Answer )
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A is an alphabet?

A is the first letter in an alphabet. I'm pretty sure A is not the whole thing. WELL NO DUH SHERLOCK. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z . There.
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Why do you have the alphabet?

The alphabet exists solely to provide symbols to sounds to spell out words. It is also used as means of communication within others who use the same language as you do. THANKS ( Full Answer )
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Why is the alphabet how it is?

It's a much more complex and involved question than you might realize. It is easy to take the alphabet for granted, but the very idea of using abstract symbols (not pictograph ( Full Answer )
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What alphabets influenced the roman alphabet?

The Latins (the Romans were Latins) adopted and adapted the Cumanean alphabet to develop the Latin alphabet. This was a version of the western Greek alphabet which was used in ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have an alphabet?

We have an alphabet because it enables us to communicate with each other through writing. Think about how many things in the world have letters on them!
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Is ' and ' in the alphabet?

No. The English alphabet is as follows: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z When people sing the alphabet, we say "x y AND z" to let the person (to whom we a ( Full Answer )
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What comes first alphabet or alphabetical?

Standard practice for alphabetization in English is that if one word is longer than another but the shorter word forms the start of the longer one, the longer one comes after ( Full Answer )
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The greek alphabet was based on which alphabet?

The Greek alphabet was based on the Phoenician alphabet, which asnot a "true" alphabet. It was something called an 'abjad' (usingonly consonants)-Greek was the first language ( Full Answer )
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What is the alphabet backward?

Z, y, x, w, v, u, t, s, r, q, p, o, n, m, l, k, j, i, h, g, f, e, d, c, b, a
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What was the hangul alphabet?

I think you mean, "What is the Hangul alphabet. It is the Korean letter system. When you have a syllable, it stacks the first letters on top of it. the word, pantry, would l ( Full Answer )
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What was the Palestine alphabet?

Palestinians write in Arabic or (less commonly) Hebrew and do this according to the same guidelines practiced elsewhere in the Arab World and Israel respectively. Therefore th ( Full Answer )
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Is it alphabet or alphabets?

If you are talking about a singular noun, the proper word is alphabet. For example, "I know the English alphabet." However, if you are talking about the plural noun, the wo ( Full Answer )
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What is an aquatic alphabet?

An aquatic alphabet is when u put the privacy part of which a boy has and take it in and out and you have and aquatic alphabet. B**** B**** f*** YOU B******
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What is the Martian alphabet?

There is no life on Mars. Therefore there is no "real" Martianalphabet. However, there is a Chinese script with that nickname,and many fonts that use the word Martian, so if y ( Full Answer )
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What is the alphabet in Greece?

The Greek alphabet, which is also used in Cyprus: . Αα . Νν . Ββ . Ξξ . Γγ . Οο . Δδ . Ππ . Εε . Ρρ . ( Full Answer )
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Why is the alphabet the alphabet?

The alphabet is called the alphabet because the first two letters of the Latin/Roman 'alphabet', from which the English system of letter forms is derived, are called alpha a ( Full Answer )
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Which alphabet in reservation?

If you are asking what alphabet is used in Native American reservations, the answer is that ALL Native Americans speak English and use the English version of the Latin alphabe ( Full Answer )
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What is tourism alphabet?

the tourism alphabet is a group of letters and every letter has its own name so that the reservation crew can differentiate between every letter avoiding any kind of mistake o ( Full Answer )
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What words can you get out of alphabetical?

alpha beta all it call bet pal tall bill tic pale pall lit lip hat lie tap eat pat till late bell leap teal heal peal That might not be all, but that's the majority lace ( Full Answer )
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What are the consonants of an alphabet?

It depends on which alphabet you're talking about. In the Latin alphabet, the consonants are: b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x,y,z. (w and y are sometimes referred to as ( Full Answer )
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Is it a-z alphabet or alphabets?

It's neither. Both the phrases "A-Z alphabet" and "A-Z alphabets" don't make any sense in English.
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Who were the inventors of the alphabet inventors of the alphabet?

Back in the years BC, the Phoenician traders were some of the busiest people around. These merchants sailed back and forth across the Mediterranean Sea carrying shiploads of c ( Full Answer )
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What are the alphabets in the Hawaiian alphabet?

There is only one alphabet in the Hawaiian alphabet. It is the Latin alphabet for Hawaiian, including the letters: A, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, U, W, and '