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What is an altar in a church?

Generally, it is the large table like piece of furniture up the front in the middle of a church. The alter represents where the sacrifices are made before God. It's also a way (MORE)
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What does the altar represent?

Animals in old days wetre sacrificed on a table, or altar. Jesus sacrificed himself for us, so the latar is a sign of his presence - not his real presence - but a sign that is (MORE)
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What is in an altar?

The answer depends on the denomination of the Christian Church the altar is in. Typically there is nothing in an altar, it usually serves as a table to hold the items neede (MORE)
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What is on an altar?

What is on the altar is dependent upon what stage of the Catholic mass it is and certain preferences by the presider/parish customs, as well as what right the Catholic church (MORE)
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Why is an altar called an altar?

An altar is used for change. For when you go to the altar; that is where sins are layed and forgiveness is given. It is made of unhewed stone, or wood placed together for comm (MORE)
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Where is the Poseidon's altar?

his alter is right next to the portal on the right hand side and have you got the starfish.
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Why do you come to the altar?

We go to the altar to: . CONFESS We confess our sins to God and Reveal to Him what we have done and ask forgivness. The very second you do that, He forgives you. That (MORE)
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What is an altar made with?

An altar is generally a pile of stones that is topped off with wood to burn the sacrifice to God, but that isn't mandatory anymore since God died for our sins John 3:16 For G (MORE)
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What is the use of the altar?

For the purpose of sacrifice . The catholic alter also symbolises sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST.
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What is the altar for the the underworld?

Get pomegranates from the tree above the Rainbow Sphinx thing and place them on the altar. The door will then open and you'll be let in.