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What is alto?

Alto was the code name used by Xerox Corporation for the computer on which the graphical user interface was first implemented. More generally, Alto is a musical term, deri ( Full Answer )
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What is an alto?

An "alto" voice is between the Soprano and a Tenor. The Term alto is used in choir to define a range BUT NOT a specific voice type. A trained contralto singer will have a wide ( Full Answer )
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Where is alto hospicio Chile?

In the Tarapca Region, on the Pacific Coast, west of the Atacam Desert and the Pampa del Tamarugal.
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In the end notes for alto sax?

i figured this out, so its DD E F# F# F# EE DEF# EF#EF# GF#E. U should be able to figure it out even though i didnt explain very well
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Alto saxophone notes?

It's hard to explain in words; I would recommend buying a book of fingering chars (or there are some ok ones online- just google saxophone fingering charts and look for one yo ( Full Answer )
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What note does a Alto Sax tune with?

the base note of the saxophone is a normal G that's your 3 left fingers down index, middle and ring but this is for a symphonic band not orchestra i guess or other bands as fa ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with alto?

contralto is the only one ive found :) if you need any more rhymes, i recommend no this isn't an attempt to spam you or make you visit the site so you get a ( Full Answer )
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What is singing Alto?

\nalto is a voice part. for female there are 4 voice parts. soprano 1(high range) soprano 2(medium high range) mezzo-soprano(medium with a darker tone. also know as a "belter" ( Full Answer )
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What is the Xerox Alto?

The Xerox Alto was an experimental form of what would now be called a "networked desktop computer." It was developed in the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center before the IMB PC o ( Full Answer )
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Can a male be an alto?

Alto is typically sang by females, but boychoirs have alto singers, so I guess the answer would be yes.
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Is there an alto flute?

Yes, it is a type of Western concert flute. It is thicker and requires more breath to play.
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What is an alto recorder?

The alto recorder is probably the world's simplest instrument to learn and perfect for beginning adult music students. It is a larger version of those familiar plastic soprano ( Full Answer )
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What is a saxophone alto?

An Alto Saxophone is one of the many types of saxophones, it is much smaller than many of them such as the tenor, baritone, and so many others. The Saxophone is also a wind in ( Full Answer )
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Where is the alto cloud?

The prefix ,alto means mid-level. So it's in the middle of the sky, not too high not too low.
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Who is alto singer?

An alto singer is someone who sings low compared to someone who sings high which is called soprano
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What is an alto cleft?

An alto cleft looks like this: The middle of the staff (or the middle of the cleft) is middle c.
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Who is an alto singer?

An alto singer is usually a woman singer. Altos are the 2 nd highest voice part in a choir and usually have a range from G3 (below middle C) to F5 (two octaves above Middle ( Full Answer )
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Is the alto horn a woodwind instrument?

No, an alto horn is not a woodwind instrument, it is a brass instrument. Woodwind instruments use reeds, except for flutes and recorders.
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How do you play lean on me on alto sax?

Well you probably mean the notes, I know the beginning and I think a bit of the chorus so let me try to remember. C- CDEF FEDC CDEED*Last part of that I'm not sure about now l ( Full Answer )
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What is a good alto karaoke song?

If you're a truly low alto (second alto), don't be afraid of songs sung by high-voiced dudes (tenors). I've killed with the Eagles' "Heartbreak Tonight" and Chuck Berry's "May ( Full Answer )
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What instruments do not play alto clef?

Instruments play no clef at all; musicians do. So a piece of music written for treble clef can easily be transposed to bass clef and vice versa.
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What is the history on the alto sax?

"The saxophone was developed in 1846 by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian-born instrument-maker, flautist, and clarinetist working in Paris. While still working at his father's instrumen ( Full Answer )
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What key is the alto clarinet in?

The alto clarinet is generally in E flat. Its about a fifth belowthe standard B flat clarinet.
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How bis as an alto saxophone?

about 60cm high so fairly easy to hold whilst playing. One issue many beginners have is with the weight- all carried on the neck and thumbs but this is quickly adjusted to.
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How do you go on alto pilot on wizard101?

walk through a tunnle using the mouse (Hold boath mouse buttons down and turn mouse to walk) but keep the buttons held down as it loads. When u r through the tunnle, let go an ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between alto and baritone?

Alto and baritone saxes are both pitched in Eb, but the baritone sounds an octave lower than the alto. Playing a written C on an alto produces the sound of the Eb below the wr ( Full Answer )
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Is alto 1 lower than alto 2?

an alto 1 is higher than an alto 2. an alto 1 song is Halo bybeyonce. an alto 2 is set fire to the rain by adle
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Is alto a countertenor?

No. While the ranges for the voices are similar, an alto is a female voice, and a countertenor is a male voice.
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Is Zendaya an alto?

Well it says the approximate range for an alto is around f3 to f5,and on a website, it stated her range on her album was D3 to E5(just counting full voice). She also had a ric ( Full Answer )
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What is an alto horn?

The alto horn is an instrument tuned in E-flat, a member of thesaxhorn family still encountered in brass bands in the UnitedKingdom where it is known as a "tenor horn".