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Why are altos voices deep?

\nIt's not like you get into the alto section and your voice deepens. You are put into a group based on your pitch of voice.
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Altos enterprises limited company detail?

Altos Enterprises Limited, Marketing in high quality of world class consumer products through a unique sale & direct marketing system. Altos established in India on April 2000 (MORE)
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What are good audition songs for altos?

i hope this will help but I'm yours-jason mraz fall for you- secondhand serenade how to save a life-the frat never say never- the fray alot of songs by thous bands are good fo (MORE)
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What are some alto-saxophone notes?

A typical alto saxophone can reach a B-flat one octave lower than its natural octave and a high F-natural (sometimes F-sharp) one octave higher than its natural octave. So som (MORE)
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Is mezzo-alto is similar to soprano?

There is not a voice part called mezzo-alto. However, there is a voice part called mezzo-soprano. Altos are the lowest female voice part, followed by mezzo-sopranos, and final (MORE)
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What is the plural possessive of altos?

The plural form of the noun alto is altos. The plural possessive form is altos' . Examples: We need the alto's voice to start here. (singular) All of the altos' parts ar (MORE)