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What is altruistic suicide?

When someone kills themselves because they believe that the cause they are dying for is more important than their own life. For example: a soldier falling on a grenade
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What is altruistic behavior?

Altruistic behavior is that which concerns itself with the good ofothers. Many altruistic people give large sums of money tocharities or work in soup kitchens.
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How do you spell altruistic?

You spelled it correctly; altruistic. Assuming, that is, that 'altruistic' is the word you intend.
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Are people altruistic?

yes people are alturist, i am , but its extremely difficult at times being in the environment of mainly psychosamatic people. Alturists are genuine and do care about others ev (MORE)
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What is altruist?

someone who is devoted to the welfare of others - the practice of unselfish concern.
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What does altruistic mean?

Altruistic refers to persons or actions that show unselfish concernfor the welfare of others (altruism).
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Who are the most altruistic people?

There are many people who follow the principle or practice of unselfish concern for others. It is the philosophical doctrine that right action is than which produces the great (MORE)
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What is altruistic punishment?

Altruistic punishment is a behavior in which individuals punish others (defectors/free-riders/non-cooperators) at a cost to themselves in order to provide a public good or oth (MORE)
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What is an altruistic society?

An altruistic society is one where every person is more concerned with the well being of the others in the community than self where giving is encouraged especially when it is (MORE)
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What is an example of altruistic behavior?

Someone who is unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others exibits altruistic behavior. Some examples are: . Someone who stops at an accident in order to help the victim (MORE)
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Was the Marshall plan altruistic?

There are a number of sources that would support the fact that the Marshall Plan was 'Altruistic', such as Churchill's claim that, 'It is the most unselfish act in History'. H (MORE)
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What is altruistic sucide?

An altruistic suicide is when someone kills themselves for the benefit of others, or for the greater good. French sociologist Emile Durkheim categorized suicide as either altr (MORE)
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What is the altruist cult in GTA V?

The altruists are a cult living in a mountain compound. You canpick up some hints about them - from Trevor's comments, or from the'cult watch' site accessed on the in-game mob (MORE)