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What color wire does what on the alt plug?

I'm not to sure, but i think that theres about 2 or three. Kinda vauge question but red would be positive black would be negative (sp) that's about it.
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Alt blood test?

There are many different kinds of alternative blood tests. Theseblood tests could be used to test for many diseases.
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How do you do alt codes on a laptop?

Answer . You do the Alt codes by holding down the Alt button while pressing up to five numbers on the number pad then letting go of the Alt button. If it doesn't work on a ( Full Answer )
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What are Alt Keys for?

They are used for advanced Dual key usage, For example on a windows PC you hold down the alt key and press the F4 key, the window that is on top will be closed. If you carry ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a diamond for alt key?

& #9774 ☮ peace sign & #9834; ♪ music note & #9775; ☯ yin & yang & #9812; ♔ crown & #9734; ☆ empty star & #9733; ★ full star & #3 ( Full Answer )
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What is an ALT biochemistry test?

Aminotransferase: An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of an amino group from a donor molecule to a recipient molecule. The donor molecule is usually an amino acid while the ( Full Answer )
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What does the ALT botton do?

ALT. You hold it then push f4 at the same time and you computer will close the internet
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What is the difference between ALT and ALT-GR key in keyboard?

ALT key is a modifier key that, when pressed with another key, will execute some action specific to whatever program is being used. Such as alt - left & right being forward & ( Full Answer )
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What is normal alt?

ALT stands for alanine aminotransferase. The normal rage for ALT isaround 7 to 56 units per liter of serum.
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What does Ctrl Alt do?

Ctrl and Alt are what are known as modifier keys . By themselves, or pressed together, they will do nothing. Their purpose is to change the action of another key to perform a ( Full Answer )
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What is an alt girl?

\nAlt girl is generally the opposite of the good girl next door look. Most of them are generally very beautiful, have a piercing or 2 or 3 or more, usually do their hair a lil ( Full Answer )
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What does alt-f4 do?

If you have an application open, Alt+F4 will shut it down. If you do not have an application running, it will shut down the computer.
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Where can you get alt codes?

There are many places on the Internet to get alt-codes. Just Google "alt codes" and you will find them.
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How do you do Habbo alts?

If you are on a computer, then you put the numlock on, hold alt then type in the code you want. There are a list of codes at this website: ( Full Answer )
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What does alt f11 do?

pressing alt + F11 on start up on a PC will initiated whats called a ghost program, that after following the steps it gives you, will reset your PC to the way it was when you ( Full Answer )
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Is there a chart for alt?

Yes, you might wanna try:. You can also press alt+a number. (eg. alt+3 inserts a ♥. You do not press +, just alt and a number x.) Note: ( Full Answer )
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What are the alt symbols?

ok well ¼=1452 ↔=147741 █=159963 ♥=2563 δ=1515 §=123456789 ▒=123456789987654321 ╨=393936 £=156 and that's a that i can remember
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What does the ctrl alt del key do?

The function of ctrl-alt-delete may vary between operating systems. In windows, it is typically used to access the task manager to monitor or shutdown various processes or to ( Full Answer )
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High ALT count what does that mean?

An elevated ALT count means that there is something wrong with the liver. Possible liver injury, hepatitis, or too much alcohol.
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Is there an alt code for lambda?

ALT and 955 on a keypad give you lambda (confirmed in Windows 7). Press and hold ALT while typing 955 on the numeric keypad. ALT-913 through ALT-969 cover the whole Greek alph ( Full Answer )
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How do you put in alt codes?

You first need to have a number pad on your CPU... (alot of laptops do NOT) then you hold down alt the whole time and on the number pad you type in one number at a time... for ( Full Answer )
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What does alt do?

The Alt key (pronounced / ˈ ɔː l t / ) on a computer keyboard is used to change (alternate) the function of other pressed keys. Thus, the Alt key is a modifi ( Full Answer )
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How do you undo an alt code?

well i have the same problem i was trying to ask a question and i found the answer and now i have my enternet screen all screwed up... i feel your pain sister
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What means alt in tennis?

If you are referring to what the linejudges yell, they are either saying 'OUT' or 'FAULT', but most of the times it sounds like they're saying 'ALT'. If you are not referring ( Full Answer )
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Is there an alt code for a thumbs-up?

Sadly, no.. Your just going to have to do the stupid thing like I did and make one with \ | / ) ( and all that o_o
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How do you alt F2 glitch on roblox?

Theres no glitch. It's a little something called spam. Guess what? Posting that all around Roblox get's YOU ban! :D You can't glitch or hack Roblox. They have guards and ha ( Full Answer )
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What is an alt code?

A symbol entered on a computer by holding alt and typing the corresponding code on the number pad for example the alt code for a smiley face is 001
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What does alt-F3 do in Minecraft?

It shows the game's framerate, coordinates (I think), and some other info. Also, it has a little bar that shows lag in servers. The higher the spike goes, the more lag there i ( Full Answer )
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What happens when you push alt-f4?

This is probably a joke, but to less knowledgeable PC users, the combination of Alt + the F4 key is a shortcut to close the application. (Macs don't have a series of F-keys, o ( Full Answer )
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What does the latin word alte mean?

Without knowledge of the context of this word, I believe it is a form of 'altus, alta, altum', meaning 'high', or 'tall' (in a physical sense). Like 'alta moenia Romae' is 'th ( Full Answer )
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How is alt text related to accessibility?

Alt text allows blind people to understand the content of images on websites. The alternative text can be read out by a 'screen reader'.
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How do you do the alt fire on Dead Space?

You hold down the L1 button (as usual when you aim), then you hold down the R2 button. If you're playing on the Xbox, it's the same buttons.
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How can you get Minecraft alts?

Well, you can maybe google minecraft alts. Some of them are actually working. 80% do not work.
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What are alt enzymes?

ALT enzymes are alanine transaminase in your liver.ÊThe level of ALT enzymes raises when you have liver problems and you should probably see your doctor.