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Me amas tu tambien?

"Me amas tu tambien?" means "Do you also love me?" or "Do you love me, too?"
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What is the address of nearest AMA?

I am attempting to ascertain whether it is ethical for a physician, our primary physician who is an internist, to go away on vacation and not leave a covering physician but te ( Full Answer )
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Pugna Ama Arma Ferre?

Pugna Ama Arma Ferre is one of the mottos of Strike FighterSquadron 15, which is a strike fighter squadron of the UnitedStates Navy. Their nickname is Valions.
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What does AMA stand for?

The acronym AMA may stand for: American Medical Association American Motorcyclists Association Australian Medical Association American Music Awards Actual mechanica ( Full Answer )
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What height is ama ir Khan?

Height of aamir khan is 1.68 meteres. He is a very most talented actor. He mainly acts in art movies such as PK.
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What does the AMA say about encryption?

Actually, under #7 in AMA Opinion 5.07 it states "Access to the computerized data base should be controlled through security measures such as passwords, encryption (encoding) ( Full Answer )
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When did AMA start for Motocross?

\nThe AMA was formed in 1924 but it wasn't until 1969 before the AMA ran its first professional motocross race.
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What is the translation of 'como se ama'?

The translation for what you wrote is How to love but are you trying to say como se llama? that is whats your name. hope I could help.
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What issues does the AMA support?

The AMA supports Legalizing medical marijuana and researching the uses of cannabis for pain relief etc. they also supported Obama's health care although not everyone did and t ( Full Answer )
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What does amas mean?

I think, in Spanish, if you say "me amas" it means "love me" and if it is in a question form "me amas?" it means "do you love me?"
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What does amo amas amat mean?

Amo means I love. Amas means you love. Amat means he, she or it loves.
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What is the Definition of service marketing by AMA?

Service marketing means buying & Selling of services with the customer satisfaction that includes intangibility, heterogeneity, perish ability & inseparability from customers ( Full Answer )
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Is fibromyalgia recognized by the AMA?

I think it would be even doctors can never find any indication of anything wrong in tests ... Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition. It is characterized by widespread pain in mu ( Full Answer )
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What did Adam Lambert do at the amas?

He did sexual things such as pretending to have a guy give him a blow job, have people in stripper clothes, touch a girl's privates, and he kissed his keyboardist/bassist Tomm ( Full Answer )
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What part of the government does the AMA target?

it targets moslty the Senate and the House since it wants to try and get as many bills passed as possible for medical reform and advancement.
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What does porque no me amas mean?

Because you don't love me. It could also be that they misspelled "Porque". Porque as one word is "because". "Por qué" as two words means 'why'. So if it were spelled ( Full Answer )
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How were ama supercross races?

They are fun and existing, you can win merchandise at them to so go to the races.
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What does the Japanese word ama mean?

Without seeing the Kanji, I cannot give you the exact definition you may be looking for -- ama has several meanings, among them: It refers to female pearl/shell divers, hemp, ( Full Answer )
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What is AMA political ideology?

The AMA is not a single party supporter. In other words, theysupport whichever party supports their ideas. The AMA traditionallyhas been a politically conservative organizatio ( Full Answer )
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Why is IMA larger than AMA?

IMA is larger than AMA, because the IMA is the FATHER of AMA. ec8f035c-5e88-47cb-8476-d5e2234a0aa2. 1.03.01.
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What is the latin meaning of ama?

"amā" is the second-person singular present active imperative of amō ("I love"). In other words, it's said as a command (an "imperative") to a single person, commanding ( Full Answer )
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What is ama in Italian?

it means love, but amore is love in general. ama is the verb to love.
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What does the medical abbreviation AMA mean?

It would depend on the context. Against Medical Advice Advanced Maternal Age American Medical Association Anti-Mitochondral Antibody
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How do you calculate Ama of a incline plane?

The AMA of a machine is calculated using the formula AMA = R / Eactual where R is the resistance force, and Eactual is the actual effort force.
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In what field does AMA operate?

AMA is the study of hospitalization and the fixing of ulcers, it operates in the MMA field and is a neccesity when requiring operational systems to function together.
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What does AMA exactly stand for?

AMA can mean several things. According to online sources it can mean: 1) American Medical Association, 2) American Motorcyclist Association, 3) Academy of Model Aeronautics, 4 ( Full Answer )
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What is ama in spanish?

"má" or "amá" it's the equivalent for mom. ama = present tense of verb to love Él ama a su amá ~ He loves his mom.
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Does Ama mean Lucy in African?

"African" is not a language. Africa is a continent that contains 54countries and more than 2100 completely different languages. Someestimates place the number of languages at ( Full Answer )
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What services are provided by AMA travel?

AMA travel offers just about everything anyone would need for a vacation. Firstly they offer options for transportation including cruises, planes and cars. They also offer hot ( Full Answer )
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Who were the AMA Supercross champions in 2012?

The AMA Supercross is a motorcycle racing sport that involves off-road motorcycles. The AMA Supercross champions in 2012 were: Ryan Villopoto, Eli Tomac, and Justin Barcia.
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What is the purpose of the AMA at FIU?

Florida International University (FIU) offers this association to their students. This organization is created to help students become excellent marketers in their career fie ( Full Answer )