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Differences between amasis painter and exekias?

Exekias is a much better painter than the Amasis painter. This can easily been seen by simply holding up a photo of one work from each. It's also important to note that the Am ( Full Answer )
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When was Amasi Martirosyan born?

Amasi Martirosyan was born on April 18, 1897, in Erivan, Russian Empire [now Yerevan, Armenia].
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What movie and television projects has Amasi Martirosyan been in?

Amasi Martirosyan has: Played Smbat in "Namus" in 1925. Played Zurba in "Zare" in 1927. Played Mulla in "Khaspush" in 1928. Played Red Army soldier in "Hinge khndzorin" in 192 ( Full Answer )