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What is the Amazon?

The Amazon is a river in South America. It is also the name of the region that the Amazon river and its tributaries flow through. The Amazon is a big rainforest. An Am ( Full Answer )
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Who were the Amazon women?

Amazonia The Amazons were an ancient race of warrior women who crop up in myths from time to time. Think a lapsed Sparta with the genders inversed.
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Who were the Amazons?

Amazons (Androktones): Race of warrior women in Greek mythology that lived in Scythia, near the Black Sea, or in Pontus, in Asia Minor. The Amazons were reputed to cut off or ( Full Answer )
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How long is the Amazon?

The answer is:. 6,400km long . beth:] . The answer is:. 6,400km long . beth:] . About 3,980 miles long.
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What is in the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest covers most of the Amazon Basin in South America. About 5 1/2 million square kilometers are covered by rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is hugely in dan ( Full Answer )
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Are there people in the Amazon?

yes there aremany people living in the rainforest and their lives are hard.. this is why the amazon is being destroyed because there are so many houses being built for the re ( Full Answer )
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What is the Amazon basin?

The Amazon basin is the drainage area of the Amazon River in South America. It is mostly a tropical rainforest with an abundance of plant and animal life.
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Tribes of the Amazon?

AMAHUACA . HUAORANI . KOGI INDIANS . YANOMAMI INDIANS For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Answers ( Full Answer )
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Who discovered the Amazon?

The first European to encounter the Amazon was the Spanish explorerVicente Yáñez Pinzón in 1500. Pinzón sailed about 50 miles up the river, where it was still very ( Full Answer )

Who owns Amazon?

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who remains the Chairman,President and CEO. The actual owner is Capital Group Companies, whoown 6.2 percent of the company.
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How did Amazon get its name? is named from the River Amazon , but it is not clear why. See the Related Link . The River Amazon was so named because its discoverers were allegedly atta ( Full Answer )
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Vegitation in the Amazon?

The Amazon is the world's largest tropical rainforest that inhabitsa variety of vegetation. The vegetation can be found in threegroups: the canopy, the understory and the fore ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Amazon situated?

The Amazon rainforest is situated in the south equator of Brazil on the upper section
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Why does the Amazon have the climate it does?

Well, first of all, it is very warm because it is close to the equator. As you go closer to the equator, it gets warmer because that is exatly the spot where the sun hits it. ( Full Answer )

Is Amazon Trustworthy?

Amazon is a company and will always send you the item you payed for. However, there can be fake 'amazons' which asks you to enter your details (eg. credit card details) when y ( Full Answer )
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What do the tribes do in the Amazon?

Tribes live in the Amazon, they hunt and grow their food without harming the rainforest
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What is the Amazon for?

It is a huge river, a vital ecosystem ( the old term was natural habitat ) and if that is not enough- and many parts are unexplored- it is the largest tropical Rain forest or ( Full Answer )
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Does Amazon scam? is a legitimate company. However, do not become an seller. A quick google search will tell you that they hold money for up to 120 days for no apparent r ( Full Answer )
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Are there wolves in the Amazon?

I believe wolves only inhabit Russia, Canada, and parts of the United States and Europe.
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Is the Amazon in the US?

Categorically NO. Neither the river nor the Rain Forest- the world"s largest Jungle- lies remotely within United States territorial waters.
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Who is Isis the Amazon?

Isis The Amazon is a female pro wrestler. She stands 6'9". She was briefly signed with the WWE as part of NXT but she was fired because the WWE found racey pics of her on the ( Full Answer )
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What can you do on the Amazon Kindle?

Not only can you read books but you can also go on the internet and they are working on being able to play your MP3 to listen to music or podcasts while you read. It is great ( Full Answer )
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What is Amazon shopping?

It`s when u look at things on add them to your cart and then but them. IT`s like browsing a website.
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How do you contact Amazon?

The customer service phone number is: 1 (888) 280-4331 The mailing address is: PO Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108 Or, go to and use their contact system.
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Are there poachers in the Amazon?

Yes there are. Poachers seek all forms of wildlife in the Amazon basin, including plants. Perhaps some of the worse offenders are those that trap birds, especially the various ( Full Answer )
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When was Amazon launched?

I'am a member of amazon so i can answer your question it launched in 2002

How reliable is Amazon?

Amazon and eBay are kind of the same its at your own risk and i think for most of the people its quite reliable
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Are there coconuts in the Amazon?

There are Coconut trees in the Amazon but the plant is originated from the northeastern part of Brazil.
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What can you do on an Amazon kindle?

An Amazon Kindle is purely an eReader. However, different styles of Kindles can do different things on top of read books. However, these different other services depend on the ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell Amazon?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun "Amazon" (a river, a book seller, and a mythical race of warrior women).
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Can you hunt in the Amazon?

No because the amazon is a sacred land which means it is not to be allowed to hunt in and it is a home to animals where they can feel safe and not have to worry about human da ( Full Answer )
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What is URL of Amazon?

when ever you go to look in the search bar. that is what people like to call a URL.

Can you get stuff from Amazon?

yes but if you dont want to you can use ebay or other online shopping websites

Is amazon amazon?

amazon is a company that sells over 100 trillon dollar. The makerof amazon is Jeff Bezon