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What is the Amazon?

The Amazon is a river in South America. It is also the name of the region that the Amazon river and its tributaries flow through. The Amazon is a big rainforest. An Am (MORE)
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What is in the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest covers most of the Amazon Basin in South America. About 5 1/2 million square kilometers are covered by rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is hugely in dan (MORE)
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Are there people in the Amazon?

yes there aremany people living in the rainforest and their lives are hard.. this is why the amazon is being destroyed because there are so many houses being built for the re (MORE)
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What is the Amazon basin?

The Amazon basin is the drainage area of the Amazon River in South America. It is mostly a tropical rainforest with an abundance of plant and animal life.
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What is Amazon?

Amazon is an e-commerce site that allows the consumer to buy almostany product imaginable.
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What is the Amazon for?

It is a huge river, a vital ecosystem ( the old term was natural habitat ) and if that is not enough- and many parts are unexplored- it is the largest tropical Rain forest or (MORE)
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When is Amazon?

The Amazon River is in Soutrh America.
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Does Amazon scam? is a legitimate company. However, do not become an seller. A quick google search will tell you that they hold money for up to 120 days for no apparent r (MORE)
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Is the Amazon in the US?

Categorically NO. Neither the river nor the Rain Forest- the world"s largest Jungle- lies remotely within United States territorial waters.
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Where did Amazon start from?

The Amazon river starts in the Andes Mountains and flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
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Is Amazon a lake?

No its a warrior princess sent to destroy the world... and its a river

Is amazon amazon?

amazon is a company that sells over 100 trillon dollar. The makerof amazon is Jeff Bezon