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What does Amber mean?

From the English word amber that denotes either the gemstone, which is formed from fossil resin, or the orange-yellow colour.
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What is an Amber Fossil?

Amber is a soft, sticky fossilized tree resin, which has beenappreciated for its color and natural beauty since ancient past. Itis Much valued from antiquity to the present ag ( Full Answer )
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Where is Amber Brkich?

Born Amber Brkich (Aug 11, 1978), the American television personality and winner of Survivor: All-Stars, Amber Joy Mariano is married to Rob Mariano. They live in Las Vegas, N ( Full Answer )
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What is a amber?

Amber is a hard, translucent fossil resin, which is used for makingjewelry and other ornamental objects. I know about this from"", which is a good site by prov ( Full Answer )
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What is amber used for?

Amber is used for many things, particularly in medicine. It alsocan be used for skin care products and religious ceremonies.
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What is the origin of amber?

Amber is fossilized tree resin, a thick material produced by a pine tree and oozed to help ward off bacteria, fill voids, and help heal injury from broken branches and other a ( Full Answer )
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How did amber evolve?

If you mean amber the gemstone then this answer holds good.. Amber is not a mineral but time-hardened fossilized resin of the species of pine called Pinus Succinisera which g ( Full Answer )
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Who is amber fett?

Everything I'm talking about is fiction. Amber Fett is not real but she is a baby doll. Amber Fett is Boba Fett's adopted sister. Boba and Ambers mother was very sick in the h ( Full Answer )
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What are amber fossils?

Small animals and plant parts that have been encased in tree resin that has been fossilized.
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Who is Amber Raspberry?

\nShe is fine! A development executive at the LA office of 34th Street Films, Tyler Perry's production company.
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Why is Amber red?

Actually, most of the really red amber you see on the market is fake.\n. \nAmber can be reddish naturally but it is usually gold to brown in color. Genuine amber is hardene ( Full Answer )
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Who is amber onidi?

amber onidi is a famous pornstar who films in one of the sluttiest films in America and south amerca
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What is amber fossil?

Amber is fossilized tree resin which is very famous for its colorand natural beauty. It is very much valuable because it is used asan ingredient in perfumes, as a healing agen ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Old Amber?

You get it from a man in the back of the museum in Pewter City. Usecut to go to the back door, and just talk to everyone. Take it to the laboratory on Cinnabar island and give ( Full Answer )
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What does amber means?

Amber is a type of stone. So if you have a necklace or a pair of earrings with amber in it. it is the stone. Im pretty sure its bluish green or greenish blue
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Is amber a fossil?

Amber is a hardened resin, so it is not a fossil, but very often can contain a fossil.
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What is found in amber?

Amber is the solidified sap of a tree, and it sometimes catches insects while it is still in its sap form, including mosquitoes, which may have the blood of an extinct animal. ( Full Answer )
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Where is amber found?

Amber hard translucent fossilized resin produced by extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period, typically yellowish in color. Amber has been used in jewelry since antiqu ( Full Answer )
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Is amber pretty?

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From where do you get Amber?

Kakashka!!! also, the dominican republic, on the islands of Hispanola!!! or in the Baltic Sea area (Lithuania and Poland) (lith oo ania
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What is amber?

Amber can be the name of a girl. It is also the term for a specific gem. Amber is a French word, borrowed from the Arabs.
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What is amber and how does it form?

Amber is a hard, translucent fossil resin, that takes millions ofyears and involves oxidation and polymerization of the originalorganic compounds, oxygenated hydrocarbons. Ove ( Full Answer )
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What does the amber tear do?

The amber tear maximally raises the user's recruitment rate in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness.
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What does an amber tear?

An amber tear is a rare item that is used to promote recruit rate of wild pokemon. Here's a wonder mail for explorers of sky: Amber tear PJ1FK RF%N61M +HKQ1 HQ&2S -&K7F9# P ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amber Lily?

She auditioned for Radio Disney NBT (Next Big Thing) and is a singer, dancer, and actress.
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What is Amber Jewelry?

Amber is fossilized tree resin which is very popular for its colorand natural beauty since the ancient time. It is also used as aningredient in perfumes, as a healing agent in ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with an old amber?

if youre talking about pokemon go to a mining museum and it will turn into areodactyl
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Which Survivor was Amber on?

Amber Brkich first appeared on Survivor the Australian Outback. She later returned to participate and win Survivor All-Stars which took place in the Pearl Islands of Panama. ( Full Answer )
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Who is amber fresh?

I think amber fresh is a pop star.... I'm amber fresh. I'm a writer and music person from goode beach, western australia, currently living in bayswater, western australia. ( Full Answer )
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Who is amber rogers?

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What is an amber led?

It is a light-emittinf diode (LED) that is an orange-brown color, usually signifying caution or marginal condition.
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What is amber alert and what happen to amber?

Amber alert is to find your child if they are missing and to help locate them. Amber was killed because she was abducted and was found by a man and his dog in a dam.
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Who is amber marshall?

amber marshall plays on heartland look it up on youtube heartland is about a ranch! its a good show
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What the importance of amber?

Amber is used commercially in the jewelry and knick-knack business.Scientifically, it is a fossil of tree resin that may containfossilized organisms, and traces of air which c ( Full Answer )
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What is inside of amber?

Inside amber are insects. Since they are inside of it they are also fossilized in them too. (By the way the pic is wrong).And I'm glad I could help.